10 Best Video Game Graphics THEN vs NOW

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
  • Video games are always improving graphics and technology, and sometimes we like to look back. Here are some amazing comparisons between older games and their modern contemporaries.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-htthRgQTM8


  • gameranx


     8 months ago +437

    We have more of these videos planned. Which games, older and modern versions, would you like to see discussed? Let us know!

  • Bloworlf Mathurin

    Bloworlf Mathurin

     19 hours ago

    What about FIFA 99 vs FIFA 20?

  • Randy Bradley

    Randy Bradley


    Killzone on PS2 and Killzone Shadowfall.

  • Altayesh Asgede

    Altayesh Asgede

     2 days ago

    legend of zelda 1 vs the recent one

  • Altayesh Asgede

    Altayesh Asgede

     2 days ago

    uncharted 1 vs the recent one

  • Towsif_8 _12

    Towsif_8 _12

     2 days ago

    1:48 When you get a slash in bowling

  • Aiden Macleod

    Aiden Macleod

     2 days ago

    NOW, do a video about video game gameplay then vs now. I think you'll see how bad the gameplay has gotten over the years. Proves that they spend more time trying to wow us with pretty colors than giving us a memorable gaming experience.

  • WorisonTV


     3 days ago +1

    Prince Of Persia

  • lukasvincourCZ


     5 days ago

    crash bandicoot game has changed it's look too if you look at the original PS1 version and compare it to the PS4 version it is completely changed

  • Jaymon Whitman

    Jaymon Whitman

     6 days ago

    D1, D2, D3. A lot of people didn't like D3 because it was not dark like D2, D1. THEY ADDED the Necromancer to D3, to hopefully bring more players back to it. D3 was too colorful adding rainbow colors. D4 is going back to the way D2 was. And it will be an entire open world. Do whatever you want. You can go solo or join a group who trying to take out a big boss. Or you can justvwalkmon by.

  • Jonny games

    Jonny games

     7 days ago

    You couldv'e chosen a much prettier COD game

  • stormlands


     7 days ago

    FF7 vs FF7R

  • Nova Caine

    Nova Caine

     7 days ago

    With Star Wars Battlefront all EA had to do was remaster the old Battlefront with updated graphics and mechanics...THAT’S IT! They would have gotten MORE money using LESS work! I guarantee you if EA remastered “Republic Commando” it would be in the running for, if not WIN, GOTY!

  • Emma Poirier

    Emma Poirier

     7 days ago +1

    Mario games?!?!

  • Joey Dejaynes

    Joey Dejaynes

     7 days ago

    Ratchet and clank

  • Steve’s Greatness

    Steve’s Greatness

     7 days ago


  • stanley lee

    stanley lee

     7 days ago +1

    I feel like you haven’t played Battlefront 2 since release😂it’s currently on par with the OG Battlefront 2.

  • Jonathan Cabrera

    Jonathan Cabrera

     7 days ago

    Fallout Then vs Now

  • Micheal Bills

    Micheal Bills

     7 days ago

    Forza and smash bros

  • Blight


     7 days ago

    Video game girls got bad