The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games

  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • This video has caused me so much trouble. Hopefully it was worth the hassle and you enjoy it!

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    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
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  • Captain Eggcellent

    Captain Eggcellent

     a years ago +337

    I really want to start making commenter editions of videos, where I use your suggestions and feature your comment in the video. Let me know which Easter eggs you think should have made the cut here! For more Easter eggs, check out 10 of the craziest Easter eggs in gaming here!:

    And if you read all that and are still here, perhaps you love me enough to follow me on Twitter: and Instagram:

    Much love x

  • Liam C

    Liam C


    What's the funk song in the intro??

  • DarkPanda101 /Wraith

    DarkPanda101 /Wraith

     2 days ago

    6:10 OG song name please

  • Kazuki ichika

    Kazuki ichika

     3 days ago +1

    6:30 now i see why its called wang cave

  • Officer Boss

    Officer Boss

     4 days ago

    Dont get how these are rude

  • Soggy Waffles

    Soggy Waffles

     6 days ago


  • Lucien Dumouchel

    Lucien Dumouchel

     7 days ago

    lol , I especially like the Snake 2 video , this game was definitely made for guys :-)

  • Weiss Schnee

    Weiss Schnee

     7 days ago

    Naked woman in the Wang cave....I see what you did there

  • Chad Pugh

    Chad Pugh

     7 days ago

    Extremely well made video. The in-game music at the beginning of each entry was a really nice touch.
    1. I spent a lot of days of my life running around Vice City as a teen and I can't believe I never noticed the clock and balls on the side of that building.
    2. MGS 5 is easily one of my favorite games. I got a lot of the Easter eggs. But I missed that one with Quiet. She was hot. All the looks and a badass. But refused to speak. Sign me up!!

  • Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever

     7 days ago

  • Brandon Bauer

    Brandon Bauer

     14 days ago

    Quiet is soo hot, and why was this in my recommends

  • Pokémon Trainer Hilbert

    Pokémon Trainer Hilbert

     14 days ago +2

    1:03 I'm not a pervert! I just was looking for Turbo Man doll!

  • Garrett Chambers

    Garrett Chambers

     14 days ago +1

    YouTube has demonetized it, and blocked it in all countries.

    *Goes to Moon*

  • Giulio facoetti

    Giulio facoetti

     14 days ago

    SHE THICC!!!

  • Anthronox


     14 days ago +1

    "Family Friendly"...

  • Da_REALSpiderman


     14 days ago

    Why do most of these include cocks...

  • kaivin88


     14 days ago

    ok this is 2019 now... and I just look at this character in 4:40 as joaquin phoenix's joker...

  • Maccamizer


     14 days ago

    Now this makes my snake solid ;)

  • JustArandomGoatOntheInternet


     14 days ago

    I would like to point out that in GTA San Andreas there were a lot of “Rudest Easter Eggs”.

  • Ëiji Busujima

    Ëiji Busujima

     14 days ago

    4:10 what is her Name btw ?