The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • This video has caused me so much trouble. Hopefully it was worth the hassle and you enjoy it!

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    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
    The Rudest Easter Eggs In Video Games
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  • Captain Eggcellent

    Captain Eggcellent

     a years ago +367

    I really want to start making commenter editions of videos, where I use your suggestions and feature your comment in the video. Let me know which Easter eggs you think should have made the cut here! For more Easter eggs, check out 10 of the craziest Easter eggs in gaming here!:

    And if you read all that and are still here, perhaps you love me enough to follow me on Twitter: and Instagram:

    Much love x

  • Suburban Shicken

    Suburban Shicken

     2 hours ago

    I got a solid snake by watching that shower scene

  • Marcel Morais

    Marcel Morais

     11 hours ago

    I wouldnt say those are easter eggs, only random jokes and stuff. Easter egg is when you have something from a lore, another story or another game into a game.

  • Wolves4693


     2 days ago

    Why video games have to show Dicks and other stuff?!?!?!?!

  • Alex P.

    Alex P.

     4 days ago

    Shadow Warrior shouldn't be on this list! Its a overall rude game anyway! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrea Jasmine

    Andrea Jasmine

     6 days ago


  • KezManian Devil

    KezManian Devil

     14 days ago +1

    Here's the problem with YouTube, people can post videos about having sex to showing pictures of private parts of both men and women and talk about ho to get some one off. They can talk about dissing people's lives and about religion, girls talking about how to come and so fourth and won't block any off it, but when it comes to full nudity.......They become FUCKING HYPOCRITES! ! ! Just imagine if you had mentioned the HOT COFFEE trick in GTA!?!?

    I've seen videos where women will talk about and draw pics about how to make a girl or guy come in the name of science and so called medical advice, but full nudity they're just so fucking bullshit!

  • Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton

     14 days ago

    You say the last video was banned? Wait till they see the many Resident Evil 2 remake mods with Claire and Ada with no underwear on and in some cases no clothes at all. OMG!

  • Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton

     14 days ago

    The WANG cave? Are you kidding me? hahahaha

  • Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski

     14 days ago

    3:28 gta san andreas: you think i'n a joke?

  • João Bertoncini

    João Bertoncini

     14 days ago

    2:05 - oh... you stopped at kissing. tha's the family friendly BS Youtube demanded. I bet Susan's kids have way more heavy magazines stashed at their bedrooms.

  • Tommans 650

    Tommans 650

     14 days ago

    Really!!! YouTube is sad commie policies! I am over to bitchuet!

  • James Bryant Ramirez

    James Bryant Ramirez

     14 days ago

    gta sa the melee weapon dildo

  • Lukerzy


     21 days ago

    Less rudest

    More lewdest

  • SaltTM


     21 days ago

    Is it just because I'm American, or is rudest not the best word to describe this video.

  • Michael De Santa

    Michael De Santa

     28 days ago

    Jeez Snake!

  • Michael De Santa

    Michael De Santa

     28 days ago


  • Cameron Nichols

    Cameron Nichols

     1 months ago

    The saints row 4 one isnt really an easter egg because they put it in the 4th as a joke and it was in the 3rd as an actual weapon

  • Dick Cheese

    Dick Cheese

     1 months ago

    Rockstar and their penis jokes

  • Frederixus Grand Maximus

    Frederixus Grand Maximus

     1 months ago

    Are "they" still using the ..its not family friendly excuse to ..cover up the fact that they are using uneccesary censorship and all the bullshit, just because a minority is offended? If people are offended or know that they are going to be offended. Then don't watch the video. Youtube should be for everybody!! fucking everybody..Wheter they are offended or not.