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  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • It's here! I couldn't be prouder of this project. Everyone came together to create an amazing MAP, my first longer MAP!! Be sure to check in the description for all the credits!

    Lemon Boy takes place during the events of Crowfeather's Trial. It starts out with Crowfeather and Breezepelt's reactions to Nightcloud going missing, then continues into the weeks after where they search for her. Throughout that time, Crowfeather grows closer to Breezepelt, and begins to realize how poorly he treated his son. He defends him when Leaftail and Weaselnose attack him, and begins to repair their bond.
    When they finally find Nightcloud in twolegplace, they return home and drive out the stoats, only for Breezepelt to be mortally wounded in the process.
    Crowfeather is horrified - he's only just begun to grow closer to his son, and he might lose him. He remembers the cats he's lost in the past - Feathertail, and Breezepelt's siblings. He can't lose Breezepelt.
    And he doesn't. Breezepelt gets better, and Crowfeather gets a chance to actually get to know his son. The world is bright now, and so is their future.

    | CREDITS |

    Thumbnail Winner: Shashki
    Second Place: Shinyarcs

    Song: Lemon Boy - Cavetown
    Thumbnails and Other Art: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1GlknFSoE6pRMH995N5hSw4ha8KVJKIhI
    *I'm sorry if your thumbnail isn't in the credits! There was one that didn't have a name in the folder, and I didn't want to put it in uncredited, so please go to the folder to see it!

    1. beck t https://www.findclips.net/video/ZFNoeE1vR2VsM0U.html
    2. Chi_Choose https://www.findclips.net/video/Q2R5R0lDWUNCVFk.html
    3. King Skyless (link n/a)
    4. ciderwing https://www.findclips.net/video/aWlDNWxIT3FVMGc.html
    5. Draikinator https://www.findclips.net/video/TmxzVXdmaWFnOUk.html
    6. shinyarcs https://www.findclips.net/video/S1A3VThiUkYzdjQ.html
    7. MochiiTeaa https://www.findclips.net/video/UjgtR3o0M2poYWs.html
    8. EndlessHorizon https://www.findclips.net/video/SzBhWHhySmdLUnM.html
    9. Vega https://www.findclips.net/video/LXNaaFJQbzFSQ3c.html
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    14. mobiusghost https://www.findclips.net/video/VmEzRlk1ZFJSQm8.html
    15. mobiusghost https://www.findclips.net/video/VmEzRlk1ZFJSQm8.html
    16. ThistleRat https://www.findclips.net/video/VU5NcDBSOC1QMzA.html
    17. VYRITE https://www.findclips.net/video/b2dWUWhvUEJGU2M.html
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    21. Aviator Zoroark https://www.findclips.net/video/NllFUUN5M2lRdU0.html
    Credits: owlipoppen

    Please check out this wonderful fanart!
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    🍋 https://www.findclips.net/video/ZEd1VVRsVU5fbTQ.html
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