Watermelon Man

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 21, 2010
  • Hancock re-recorded the tune for Head Hunters (1973), combining synthesizers with a Sly Stone and James Brown funk influence, adding an eight-bar section. Hancock described his composition "Chameleon", also from Head Hunters, to Down Beat magazine in 1979: "In the popular forms of funk, which I've been trying to get into, the attention is on the rhythmic interplay between different instruments. The part the Clavinet plays has to fit with the part the drums play and the line the bass plays and the line that the guitar plays. It's almost like African drummers where seven drummers play different parts"; "Watermelon Man" shares a similar construction. A live version was released on the double LP Flood (1975), recorded in Japan.

    On the intro and outro of the tune, percussionist Bill Summers blows into a beer bottle imitating hindewhu, a style of singing/whistle-playing found in Pygmy music of Central Africa. Hancock and Summers were struck by the sound, which they heard on the ethnomusicology LP, The Music of the Ba-Benzélé Pygmies (1966), by Simha Arom and Genviève Taurelle.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/4bjPlBC4h_8


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    The witches hat

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    Andre Smith

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    HEAD HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sit back and enjoy the instruments people. Real classic funk from another time.

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    me when watermelon

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    Lol I got a Herbie Hancock ad for this video... google advertising is so creepy.

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    “Playing on the same festivals with him, “Dizzy” and i was playing for “Kenny Garetts” “BLACK HOPE” album at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Such a great memory, ….. Drummin my life into Higher Vibrations…. So… PLease subscribe to my page. LOVE YOU ALL. TOP LIFE to you.

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    I feel black right now.

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    Im thinking about some mustard greens, yams, black eye peas, fried chicken & some hot water cornbread.iced cold glass of tea..with my bottle of hot sauce on the side..2019

    Put your choice of meat here( ) & have a funky day..

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    this song makes my wanna skate down a smooth road down a city at night

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    I jack off to this

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    This song is a bit strange, but no doubt it is a bop

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    This song puts a big fat smile on my face

    Also I love all the positive storey's people have in the comment section, reading them is great

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    I still love the jazz version better

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    I was recommended this because of the legend of Zelda forest temple theme...

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    Esta canción es demasiado buena.

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    Y'all remember this from the Wiz

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    Und dann hab ich noch einen getreten

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    la premiere minute est la meilleure selon moi

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    At around 2:06 he play the l i c c