Funny Scary Snowman Hidden Camera Practical Joke Top 50 Of All Time 2016

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 28, 2014
  • Find out where I'm taking the snowman next and follow my diaily stories.
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    Freaky has traveled all over the country scaring the sugar plums out of people. Freaky's stomping ground is Rhode Island where he was born and raised. In the last four years he has traveled from coast to coast including, Anaheim California, Columbus Ohio, Seaside Heights New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts, Orlando Florida, Frederick Maryland, and New York City.The Scary Snowman has been pranking since 2011 and has started his 5th season.

    Where will freaky go next? Follow along on his Facebook page. http://www./thescarysnowman

    We put together the best of the best for this top 50 compilation. We hope you love it!

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  • Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes

    Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes

     a years ago +593

    New videos Starting Halloween 2018
    Free hugs and shirts to anyone who comes out to see me
    October 12th -New York City
    October 20th - Philadelphia PA
    October 27th - Salem Ma
    November 3rd - Boston Ma
    December 8th - Gatlinburg TN

  • I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?.

    I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?.

     an hour ago

    "I'll punch you right in the face".. What a nice thing to say OFFICER. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Danny3333333333


     an hour ago


  • Superkick party

    Superkick party

     4 hours ago

    Omg the end😂😂😂

  • terry tuna

    terry tuna

     8 hours ago

    the thing that scared me the most was the dude in the skirt @ 1:15

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Woody Woodpecker

     15 hours ago

    5:30 this is true, especially right now.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Woody Woodpecker

     15 hours ago

    Guy: Did that snowman just fart?

  • Ethan Farles

    Ethan Farles

     15 hours ago

    Im pretty sure everyone saw that was a guy dress up as a girl

  • Gacha_KaylaCat


     19 hours ago

    That last one was just too aggressive ;w;
    R.i.p Snowman
    R.i.p The girl that fell because of the snowman's head
    R.i.p Camera Man

  • Scott Lambert

    Scott Lambert

     20 hours ago

    I bet the city has fun washing the sidewalks after the pee or 💩 their pants lol 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • sam C

    sam C


    Nice police we have

  • Vamp Golden

    Vamp Golden

     yesterday +1

    0:28 Qué onda con el Botija Xd

  • Super Games

    Super Games


    It was at that moment he knew,
    He fucked up.

  • mauro bottinelli

    mauro bottinelli

     yesterday +1

    that two deficient policemen and idiots

  • Ksy Dawn

    Ksy Dawn


    Всё-таки вмазали..

  • Cecilia venz

    Cecilia venz


    5:38 that would be me🤣🤣🤣

  • Sourav Gupta

    Sourav Gupta


    1:15 i thought he is girl

  • Alk Gab

    Alk Gab


    5:40 😂😂

  • パンチラ姫



    nice! i like masturbation

  • Elber Galarga

    Elber Galarga


    The last guy's scream: wohOa! 🤣