• Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019

    Watermelon is for sure one of the best summer fruits! Besides, it is very delicious and refreshing when it’s hot outside. Watermelon has a lot of health benefits, for example, support of healthy heart helps to balance diet and helps to lose weight. Watermelon has one more important benefit, it hydrates your body as it contains 92 percent water.
    This video is full of life hacks that will help to easily cut a watermelon using, for example, a coin! Moreover, you can use Pringles can to slice a watermelon. Check out the tutorial! It is a cool way to serve watermelon. One more beautiful idea is to turn a watermelon into flower. Don’t forget to wash a watermelon properly before cutting.
    Do you love desserts? You can make super delicious and cool desserts from a watermelon. Let’s start with watermelon jellies! You will need red jelly and a half of a watermelon. Watch step by step tutorial! Also, you will learn how to serve watermelon and to make your party table even cooler. Use wooden sticks to eat watermelon. The best thing is that sticks will let your hands be clean.
    Check out a cool idea +on how to make a watermelon juice! Cut a hole in a watermelon and using a hand mixer, beat the flesh. Add ice cubes and make juice dispenser. One more amazing idea is to make a watermelon cocktail for a beach party! You will need salt, chili pepper, lime, watermelon juice, lime juice and a bit of alcohol. Enjoy!

    00:09 How to cut a watermelon
    01:18 Watermelon flower
    01:31 Watermelon Jello
    02:31 DIY Juice dispenser

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