Sound That Makes Dog Tilt Head Left & Right Prank Your Dog - Excite Your Dog.

  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • made for youtube with sounds I own and recorded.
    Robert Nichol Audio Productions for AV Productions all rights reserved
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    Hi, this video is a collection of 10 sounds I recorded and created to stimulate your dog - lots of sounds they love.

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    Sound That Makes Dog Tilt Head
    Dogs do plenty of cute things, but there are few behaviors more adorable than the head tilt. I make plenty of strange noises around my pups just to see if they’ll tilt their heads to the side in a quizzical look of confusion. Most dog owners can tell you that the head tilt means a dog is intrigued and experiencing something out of the ordinary. But why do they do it? Well experts say that the head tilt has a lot to do with a dog’s ability to empathize.

    Dogs have evolved to be very good at understanding humans. They can read our body language, facial gestures, and speech patterns to empathize with us. They even recognize certain words and vocal tones and associate them with playtime, walks, or food. When they tilt their heads, it’s possible that they are trying to filter what we are saying to pick out those familiar parts of our language.

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  • AV Productions

    AV Productions

     3 months ago +202

    Your Dog Will love this !! join me shopping for a new squeaky toy - Sounds that your dog will love!

  • Geek Gamer

    Geek Gamer

     2 hours ago

    I played this to my aunts dog and she came up to the phone and stared at it and sniffed it for a few seconds and then left

  • jonsku 55

    jonsku 55

     4 hours ago

    1.12 made my dog howk

  • gacha logic yall

    gacha logic yall

     5 hours ago

    i was singing in a deep voice and my dog tilted his head

  • Stonks


     5 hours ago

    Ok my dog humped me and tried to fuck me

  • Kim Taehyung's Wife

    Kim Taehyung's Wife

     7 hours ago

    they are tilting their heads now. hahahahaha

  • Bella dino

    Bella dino

     13 hours ago

    Imagine all these sounds the sounds that dogs hate

  • ᗷᕼᗩᗪ ᗷIᕼ

    ᗷᕼᗩᗪ ᗷIᕼ

     14 hours ago

    Everyone's dogs is licking there ass😧😂

  • Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker

     14 hours ago

    2 out of 3 of my Chihuahuas did the tilt and the 3rd one I think was over it before it began

  • Joshua Fink

    Joshua Fink

     17 hours ago +1

    You had to do the doorbell you got all my damn dogs yapping 😭😂🤣

  • Makayla Spraggins

    Makayla Spraggins

     19 hours ago

    Sound 1- nothing
    Sound 2- whining
    Sound 3- licking his we we
    Sound 4- he starts scratching
    Sound 5- he lays down
    Sound 6- nothing
    Sound 7- nothing
    Sound 8- he starts whining
    Sound 9- he looks over and sniffs my phone
    Sound -10 he gets off the couch

  • rad dee

    rad dee

     19 hours ago

    My dog just look at me and started turning his head in confusion

  • XxDarelisseXx OwO

    XxDarelisseXx OwO

     19 hours ago

    My doggos: Wtf is that *proceeds to lick my feet*
    Neighbors dogs: Wt- *Barks loudly*

  • Noris Vasquze

    Noris Vasquze

     21 hours ago

    It's OK but boring



     22 hours ago

    The third one my dog jumped of my lap and went to find the crying pup

  • nerdy gamer

    nerdy gamer

     23 hours ago

    My dog fell asleep

  • Nikolov_Playz



    yo it actually worked on my dog
    he's a shih tzu and his name's Nugget

  • ShaffaShow



    It’s funny cuz my dog tilted his head to the right

  • Gracemarie Gell Delgado

    Gracemarie Gell Delgado


    My dog: cOnCeRnEd

  • Mia Flint

    Mia Flint


    1:22 definitely got my dog 😂