Little Walter - Watermelon Man



  • Romain Nioré

    Romain Nioré

     4 months ago

    My theory is that Little Walter and his band are the roots of "Watermelon Man". They clearly had a major influence on Hancock. Little Walter recorded "It's Too Late Brother" in 1956. Luther Tucker's riff is basically Herbie Hancock's 1962 piano riff. Slow it down, and compare, it is evident that there's a link. Ok the beat is a little different but not so different than a blues swing beat, any musician can connect blues and jazz (the hard-bop movement in that matter) easily. Walter's solo is evidently the root of Watermelon Man ! Just hear the first notes of Little Walter soloing in "It's Too Late Brother", it is exactly the beginning of the Hancock's theme. The structure is roughly the same 8 bar, 16 bar, you know everybody played these types of blues in Chicago in that era. It's the same key of F. Herbie Hancock is from Chicago. Little Walter was popular until the late 50s, and lived in Chicago from the age of fourteen until he passed. Now I've seen the video where Herbie Hancock tells the story about the watermelon man in the streets of Chicago and the ladies yelling "Hey ! Watermelon Man !" being the root of the melody. It was TV show with Elvis Costello who doesn't seem to be such an expert. 

    Miles Davis lived regularly in Chicago, and got to see Little Walter perform with Muddy Waters many times according to Miles' autobiography. Marshall Chess said during an interview Miles Davis told him that Little Walter was a genius like Mozart. In my humble (young) opinion, it is a fact that Herbie Hancock was inspired by Little Walter, why deny the influence though ? Did Little Walter really know about the fact that "It's Too Late Brother" inspired Hancock's huge hit that was recorded by Santamaria and all over the world a million times ? The music industry was different at that time it's evident. I just think it all started with Little Walter, Luther Tucker and the band being badass on a unique take of "It's Too Late". They all deserve recognition for that.

    It's Too Late :

    Watermelon Man :

  • B. Rod Clark

    B. Rod Clark

     10 months ago

    WOW...Herbie Hancock wrote this song in 1962 so this was some time afterwards and wait...Buddy Guy? OMG!

  • snakehips81


     a years ago

    Oh dear, that bass player is totally lost and ruining the song in the process !

  • leandro fonseca

    leandro fonseca

     a years ago

    Love play this music before smoke a big bud... salve salve Brasil..

  • John Benn

    John Benn

     2 years ago

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.

  • old bladder Horn

    old bladder Horn

     2 years ago

    who's the guitarist just love his dirt tone off that amp it's raw and sweaty . could do with a nice slice of sweet watermelon dripping on my chin yum yum .

  • arron haggerty

    arron haggerty

     3 years ago +1

    this is the original artist. Herbie Hancock did a cover in 1974.

  • Bella Rattan

    Bella Rattan

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  • Bella Rattan

    Bella Rattan

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  • Muki Jones

    Muki Jones

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    what kind of harmonica is this

  • Klistirani Krupije

    Klistirani Krupije

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    Fuckin' nice!

  • terryaw72


     3 years ago +2

    the baddest of the bad

  • GrumblingGrognard


     4 years ago +2

    Wow, great old song with 3 legends!  If you ever have the chance to see Buddy Guy do not miss it.

  • Alper Ay

    Alper Ay

     4 years ago

    böyle şarkının anasını sikim

  • John Rapp

    John Rapp

     5 years ago +1

    The decline of Little Walter...

  • Armando Cruz

    Armando Cruz

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    Súper versión.!!!

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    Key Robinson

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    Nice....LOVE it;-)



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  • Graham James

    Graham James

     6 years ago +1

    Thanks for the info. That was very helpful. I'm actually making a CD with some of the material from Windy City Blues, and this is helping me with the liner notes. It makes sense that it's Sammy Lawhorn on the guitar on "Watermelon Man" aka "Blue Mood" because even though Otis Rush does most of the lead guitar playing on this album, the guitar playing on "Watermelon Man" sounds nothing like Otis. Both are truly great guitarists though, no doubt. Have a good week. :-)