The moments you might see only once in your life #42 | Amazing moment

  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
  • The moments you might see only once in your life #42 | Amazing moment.

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  • sleepypie


     an hour ago

    :08 - which one is the bitch?

  • Bretts Allotment Garden

    Bretts Allotment Garden

     3 hours ago

    Girl hits a baseball!!?? I’ve seen lots of girls hit baseballs it’s not really a once in a lifetime thing!!! But the stone skipping is impressive

  • George H Gordy

    George H Gordy

     3 hours ago

    WOW! What is the average age a person lives to where you are from? Because I've seen a ton of this shit before! I can tell you about something i'll see only once in my life, one of your videos... Name change suggestion for your channel content . Average Stuff Seen Almost Daily. Or ASS AD

  • Nicolas Morris

    Nicolas Morris

     4 hours ago

    I'm, the lambo wheelie was a video game, big deal, it's not real.

  • Keith M

    Keith M

     4 hours ago


  • Javi


     4 hours ago

    "Where's the wheel?" 😳

  • sinuhe costantini

    sinuhe costantini

     8 hours ago

    5.28 beat/song?

  • Frostymcool my boy

    Frostymcool my boy

     8 hours ago

    1:29 thought at first because I skipped it. It was a mini

  • eshay disdat

    eshay disdat

     11 hours ago

    This is like a low budget people are awesome video

  • Mo-bama mode

    Mo-bama mode

     11 hours ago

    Mostly Overrated

  • Kyle Aegis

    Kyle Aegis

     12 hours ago

    6:40 phone?

  • Carissa Jones

    Carissa Jones

     18 hours ago

    I cant believe my eyes

  • retrovideoquest


     yesterday +1

    99% of this 11-minute video is really dumb stuff, the few interesting clips together don't make even one minute of content. What a waste of time...

  • mark wright

    mark wright


    make that 7:30 ...???

  • mark wright

    mark wright


    was that 21 pilots at 7:50 ???

  • Johan Broman

    Johan Broman



  • Adolfo Samudio

    Adolfo Samudio


    I'm glad this is mostly cool stuff and humans doing cool things and not all fails for a change.

  • Ecksposing Frauds

    Ecksposing Frauds


    .....the dog that escaped from jail, somebody should check that dogs paws because that really looks like one of those mad Russian scientists grafting opposable thumbs onto animals..

  • Joe Meudt

    Joe Meudt


    gotta watch out for them random flying wheels.

  • Supratik Ghoshal

    Supratik Ghoshal

     yesterday +2

    The smaller fish had been inserted before shooting.