More Memes in Video Games - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Greg

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
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    In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding references to memes in games, such as Paper Mario Color Splash, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Sonic Forces and more.

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  • Moist Boner

    Moist Boner

     7 days ago

    RAID is a meme now thanks to them flood sponsoring on YouTube.

  • gnet kuji

    gnet kuji

     3 months ago

    Yeah, look, I know you have mouths to feed, but there's sponsorships and then there's "I need to scroll to the comment section to find a timestamp for when the video actually starts." Rest assured, if I hadn't found the comment with the timestamp, I would have just closed the video entirely rather than spend the effort to find the end of the ad myself.

  • kirby superstar

    kirby superstar

     3 months ago

    MILLION DOLLAR IDEA:DLC clothing for sword and sheild, the surprised pikachu face t shirt

  • Dazanin1


     3 months ago

    Wow, the comments here are disappointing. You fucks all use adblockers, so that's why these sponsorships exist. They're ads that are harder to skip. It's literally your fault that it's impossible to make money on regular ads, yet you have the gall to throw a goddamn fit because you dislike a sponsor. Grow the fuck up.

  • cat boy 336 hammer bro 909

    cat boy 336 hammer bro 909

     4 months ago

    Meme world

  • Nicocinema YT

    Nicocinema YT

     5 months ago

    Raid shadow crap, the game that everyone has trouble letting go of

  • Croco Croc

    Croco Croc

     5 months ago

    Not Into Memes?!?!?

  • Gold161803


     6 months ago

    Another DYKG Memes video with no mention of the leetspeak in M&L: Partners in Time. I'm sad.

  • Vincent Valentino

    Vincent Valentino

     6 months ago

    fuck off already with you sellout mobile gaming adverts. Mobile gaming that is pay to play/win is a slap in the face of the gamer community and shame on you for promoting it. Shame, just shame. What did you start this channel for, was there ever a time when you truly loved gaming?

  • ZigZag Cresso

    ZigZag Cresso

     6 months ago

    Deez nuts only recently got a resurgence.
    Do you even meme bro?
    That's been dead for quite a while now.
    In fact a lot of these memes are dead and yet you say they just recently blew up on the internet.

  • Lucifer2550


     6 months ago +6

    3:58 "In this version, the psychic states ad starts playing I have so many asthma attacks"

  • Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

    Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

     6 months ago

    mobile game RPG is crap, pay to win, premium corporate greedy bastard

  • willis936


     6 months ago

    It’s morning. Thanks for covering your bases.

  • Shane Peters

    Shane Peters

     6 months ago


  • E-Hero Stratos

    E-Hero Stratos

     6 months ago

    I still want that Gyarados T shirt in game

  • cravin_mor


     6 months ago

    Raid:shadow legends is crap.... played it for 2 weeks... you stay at 3 star heros out of 5 for the most time. i dont have one 4 star or 5 star hero, and you have to repeat the same dungeons over and over again to at least finish the daily quest. enchant weapons gets impossible hard and costs every level immense sums of silver (free currency). can say even more but in short: dont play the game which needs to buy so many youtubers to get attention... ah and it is not even a bit strategic.... and the graphic.... its sucks your battery empty while blinking

  • Gabe Puratekuta

    Gabe Puratekuta

     6 months ago

    You don't have to beat LEGO Lord of the Rings to get that achievement.

  • Jake Verde

    Jake Verde

     6 months ago

    My favorite attack in an RPG game... "THESE NUTS"

  • Youtube Pizzer

    Youtube Pizzer

     6 months ago

    it is so stupidt that they didn’t just find a different design

  • Youtube Pizzer

    Youtube Pizzer

     6 months ago

    ... so sanic is vinny’s fault...