⭐Video Killed the Radio Star⭐ COMPLETE Glam-Rock Themed Tigerstar MAP

  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
  • 8.1.2019 EDIT: do NOT comment on this video ANYTHING regarding the Draikinator incident. this video was posted in april, the draikinator events happened in july. they were in this map and NOTHING you say will change that so just leave it alone.


    EDIT: The cat at the end is NOT Graystripe, it's Featherpaw and Stormpaw!

    EDIT2: BY POPULAR DEMAND, here is a drive folder with the additional ref images! All the original ones can be found in the main google drive folder. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19ZH-l0C-dMs_IQawPuMJlPD0d429065G

    5.3.19 EDIT 3: "I don't know who is who" / "I don't know what is going on!"
    This follows Tigerstar's reign from birth to death. The original script is provided in case you get lost.

    7.29.19 EDIT 4: There is now a master list of Glam-Rock warriors designs! Find it here:

    WELL HERE IT IS, LADS. My first completed MAP. This was so fun to host, a majority of the parts were finished before I had even set a due date, and everyone did such an amazing job and put so much effort into their parts.

    Everyone really went above and beyond for this MAP. Most background characters were designed by whoever had that part. Ciderwing designed EIGHT background cats, which is just fucking bonkers. There were no real rules regarding backgrounds and everyone interpreted the script differently, yet they all flow together so beautifully. Honestly, I just cannot put into words how proud of everyone I am.


    ★Congrats to Tulinn for winning the thumbnail contest!

    ★Thanks to Frankie B Catt for the credit art!

    ★And a special shout out to my good buddy Cheeteh Z, who not only did their own part, but also did 2 collabs and picked up an additional half-a-part when I needed help!


    SONG: Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles

    ★This basically follows the whole Tigerstar timeline, starting from birth to death. If you're lost, here's the original script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AohIeAAiJud2moBllOTynf09WSK8OeHhN7DLhOs9v-0/edit?usp=sharing
    ★Original Call (with all the links n stuff) https://www.findclips.net/video/1eqhRVFJEz4/video.html
    ★Design Credits https://drive.google.com/open?id=1buDZpKxtIF1acxbyjjR2GNuq_N6qedyk

    ★The theme for this MAP is 70s/80s GLAM ROCK, which was an era of male performers dressing up in flamboyant outfits and wearing makeup (see: David Bowie).

    ★The song itself was released in 1979. It is about how, due to the rising popularity of TV taking over radios, musicians now have to put on a show to get popular. Musicians are no longer judged on just their musical talent alone, and are now expected to be beautiful and fashionable, as nobody wants to watch a bunch of ugly dudes sitting in a circle playing music. Ironically, the music video for this song was the first music video ever played on MTV in 1981.

    Go give everyone on this list all your loves and likes and subscribes, they all deserve it.

    ⭐1. Tybaxel https://www.findclips.net/channel/UC-sViQ9u8ljjFCyv3Chv4zA
    ⭐2. Westiefest https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCHhJ8Zwqj2xVWi0Im_gETFg
    ⭐3. ThistleRat https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCzawiN08EAXittXUnCPiJ3w
    ⭐4. marsclaws https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCzJhWQ3FiTw1tnf2jH8WMZA
    ⭐5. mobiusghost https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCCLuZ9qyfQIqi-3uwrXaBOw
    ⭐6. Draikinator https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCQ7iBNApeIef4CUuf198kJA
    ⭐7. Cheeteh Z https://www.findclips.net/channel/UC_UNiqVULw1l7m5q9Z43o1A
    ⭐8. MochiiTeaa https://www.findclips.net/channel/UChwqiFPDWY69XCKZsvNLfOQ
    ⭐9. Indigo Animates https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCePF_lboV9nriPGo6931SFQ
    ⭐10. mangepelt (+Cheeteh Z) https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCw5wL6kn5V_miWWZQkH1WvQ
    ⭐11. VYRITE https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCDGyqXPVWBQvnYWaGshrcEQ + Cheeteh Z https://www.findclips.net/channel/UC_UNiqVULw1l7m5q9Z43o1A
    ⭐12. Tybaxel https://www.findclips.net/channel/UC-sViQ9u8ljjFCyv3Chv4zA
    ⭐13. Chey Sketches https://www.findclips.net/channel/UC0pQ5a-SSTxCUR0oDN6eaQw
    ⭐14. ciderwing https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCvba9wAHKF5pQRN3uSL48Eg
    ⭐15. PeppermintPretzels https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCv6u4Tuzd34erG7of5Aqt9Q
    ⭐16. Cheebzmacka https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCvy0kNdQFB8NyV3YvibWiGA
    ⭐17. Gecko Draws https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCuUfDugqU4JpI1W3mDfDRXg
    ⭐18. SleepTightNeko https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCa0WKfwN7NfJescqzD8w5JA
    ⭐19. RedBear https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCqVH6xXGhJGkRByDoHRfY3g
    ⭐20. Appledawn https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCkz7ZQm8h708JXtwjbsFZ0A
    ⭐21. Owlipoppen https://www.findclips.net/user/BarleysHarvest
    ⭐22. frankie b catt https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCP7niG0-eQ4nEkX3a-jk-4A
    ⭐23. Aviator Zoroark https://www.findclips.net/channel/UCS1MaAfV5TAc9LBY6S5RkPw
  • Source: https://youtu.be/8dCrU9c2qYQ


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    i laughed, i cried, i oh wa oh’d

  • Zarzarbingy1 AJ

    Zarzarbingy1 AJ

     7 hours ago

    ..hmm an evil tom wants to be leader?

    He's killed a former deputy, attempted to kill the leader and even attempted to drown a warrior?

    Sounds like a leader to me.

  • Renie Sprig

    Renie Sprig


    Just realized that Firestar is flippin David Bowie

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    I love this.

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    you should have published it on April 1st

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    therapist : glam rock tigerstar doesn't exist

    Glam rock tigerstar

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    1:52 me before watching John wick

    1:54 me after watching John wich

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     4 days ago

    Why Firestar kinda look like young Simba tho lol

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    goldenflower just fell in love whit tigerclaw/star bc he was a really bad boii uwu

  • Jennifer Quesinberry

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    Me watching, sees graystrip in a skirt


  • Jennifer Quesinberry

    Jennifer Quesinberry

     5 days ago

    This style of cats and them killing is so weird and funny 😂

  • Jennifer Quesinberry

    Jennifer Quesinberry

     5 days ago

    This was my brothers favorite song when he was little 😂

  • AlienVyne


     5 days ago

    The rabbits at 2.17 look an awful lot like bigwig and hazel from watership down 😳

  • Violet Paws

    Violet Paws

     5 days ago

    Hot David Bowie firestar

  • PuppyGamer659


     6 days ago

    The thumbnail has gay blood

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     7 days ago

    "Tigerstar killed the Firestar Star . . . " Totally in love with this MAP!

  • pagethehusky


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    Just admire how scourge is somehow fabulous and still edgy at the same time.

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    Fricking ziggy fireheart will never get old

  • Ellen E E E E E

    Ellen E E E E E

     7 days ago

    i scream at my dad for playing this in the car XD but this is an amazing map :3