Best Animal News Bloopers Compilation 2018

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 14, 2018
  • A Compilation of The Best Animal News Bloopers featuring all of your favorite newscasters with a variety of creatures!
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     an hour ago

    I felt bad for the car, the poor thing was leashed without its will not to mention they are independent
    I think the people deserved a beating from them

  • Madison Funderburk

    Madison Funderburk

     4 hours ago

    Oh yess yesss who is with me that the girl who got kicked was embarrassed

  • HimelTheMan


     9 hours ago


  • HimelTheMan


     9 hours ago

    2:34 is funny too

  • HimelTheMan


     9 hours ago

    watch 0:12 its funny

  • Pam Prinzing

    Pam Prinzing

     9 hours ago

    Lady: Would you please not eat my pants?
    Goats inner voice:Then we will do something better.
    Lady:*passes out*
    Goat:*Now has a concussion*
    Goat:Won’t do that again.

  • steve prentice

    steve prentice

     9 hours ago

    That cat one 4.30 in, is fantastic, cat power.

  • hoodoo2001


     11 hours ago

    I put my hand over the guy talking to watch the horse talk. It was actually more informative that way!

  • A N Е L A :3

    A N Е L A :3

     13 hours ago




     14 hours ago

    0:38 She shouldn't be allowed to be near horses, she knew it was going to happen damn well and she just sobs as if she got stabbed. If you want to own a horse, at least know that at some point you're going to fall over or get near kicked. Not something you should just panic about, something you should see coming.

  • Kira P

    Kira P

     15 hours ago

    Yo eh tenido muchos gatos y no se comportan así solo porque si, estar con alguien o en algún lugar que no les guste los estresa y por eso se comportan agresivos

  • Lieven GalacticTraveler

    Lieven GalacticTraveler

     16 hours ago

    I love how people are looking suprise when the cats get agressive or panic even if the cats have giving many warning befor hiting.

  • Md AZK7

    Md AZK7

     16 hours ago +1

    2: 02 the best part.... Ostrich 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sagor Smile

    Sagor Smile

     17 hours ago


  • Dev Olif

    Dev Olif

     20 hours ago


  • NaZLi LiFeStYLe

    NaZLi LiFeStYLe

     23 hours ago


  • Rafina Bomar

    Rafina Bomar


    Snake harassing man

  • Rafina Bomar

    Rafina Bomar


    Do I look calm to you?!?!😡

  • Stafe Jaffal

    Stafe Jaffal

     yesterday +1

    That turkey is like: I wanna revenge for my entire species

  • Mandarine



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