Video Game Songs Everyone Knows

  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
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  • rye - chip

    rye - chip

     7 months ago +13156

    Also the reason I put in gourmet race from super smash Bros is because that’s the most famous version, same with the drowning tune from Sonic.exe. I know those aren’t the original games they came from but where they have been heard the most.

  • Andrew


     2 hours ago

    The Fortnight clip was only in there so he could put it in the tags and get more traffic to the video.

  • USAustin


     3 hours ago +2

    Lets admit, you weren't ready for the default dance song.

  • 남생이


     4 hours ago

    Where is killer instinct theme?
    Plus, streetfighter 2 ryu, ken, guile theme too

  • El Circulo :v

    El Circulo :v

     4 hours ago

    0:48 me and the bois in the raid to area 51

  • Jakey Smooth Gaming

    Jakey Smooth Gaming

     5 hours ago +1

    Only one game to rule them all...

  • Mario238 Saint Alpha

    Mario238 Saint Alpha

     11 hours ago

    I hate exe games

  • Mario238 Saint Alpha

    Mario238 Saint Alpha

     11 hours ago

    Fortnite dance so loud!

  • Mario238 Saint Alpha

    Mario238 Saint Alpha

     11 hours ago

    Thanks for more Nintendo games!

  • dablika roblox

    dablika roblox

     13 hours ago

    Super smash Bros Brawl killed me



     13 hours ago

    Where is corneria?

  • shy Dude

    shy Dude

     14 hours ago

    Where megalovania

  • Velepexon


     16 hours ago

    "Freddy's Lullaby"
    For me, it'll be better if you mention it's from the classical music piece, "Carmen Overture"

  • ahmad faiz

    ahmad faiz

     16 hours ago

    I like how you put a bassboosted version of default dance

  • George M.

    George M.

     17 hours ago

    Memory's from my childhood are coming up... BUT NOT FORTNITE HAHAHA

  • Kenzø


     21 hours ago


  • J-Hope’s High Note

    J-Hope’s High Note

     yesterday +1

    Scary how I lowkey had war flashbacks with some of these

  • Dany da best

    Dany da best


    3:35 the level of cringe is over 9000

  • Fernando Pineda

    Fernando Pineda


    I can't believe it...
    No one's talking about halo theme :((

  • Kaiser Kevin

    Kaiser Kevin


    I knew every song but Kingdom hearts (don’t like rpgs and have never had any interest in the series) also y’all be like
    Fortnite bad
    Minecraft good