BEST Video For Cats Ever!

  • Published on:  Saturday, March 28, 2015
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    A video for your cats to watch instead of you humans! … Want some free entertainment for your kitties? …. Just press play and see if they react :)

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    I love cats! Cole and Marmalade are both rescued cats, I've been making cat videos since 2008, we do our best to entertain as well as educate... We aim to make a pawsitive difference in the world, we hope you can follow us on this purrfect journey :)
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  • Cole and Marmalade

    Cole and Marmalade

     a years ago +17

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  • Grace Miot

    Grace Miot

     3 days ago

    my cat loved it

  • anne avram

    anne avram

     7 days ago


  • Tina Martin

    Tina Martin

     21 days ago

    My 😺 loved it

  • Rachel Smith

    Rachel Smith

     1 months ago

    My cat loves these. Knocked phone flying when red dot appeared. Lol

  • Carly


     1 months ago

    The only video on YouTube my cat will entertain. Love it. Please make more ! My cat especially loved the red laser, the spider, the birds and the kittens.



     1 months ago

    why would a cat like that??? the music turns anyone of including animals

  • Katy Caffrey

    Katy Caffrey

     1 months ago

    uh, my cat scratched the hell out of my leg at the first meow and now I'm bleeding pretty bad. and now he refusing to watch it, but I'm sure enjoying it!

  • Rachel de Haan

    Rachel de Haan

     1 months ago

    Wow my cat tigger loved was glued to the screen x

  • The Davies family

    The Davies family

     1 months ago

    her favourite was the crickets!

  • ian paul freely

    ian paul freely

     2 months ago

    My cat loved it

  • hols


     2 months ago

    my cat fell asleep, i dont know about yall bc yall are saying they were invovled with it, my cat just completely fell asleep

  • Kate B

    Kate B

     2 months ago

    My cats both love this video
    .they come running when they hear the introduction. Lol 😻

  • shueb


     3 months ago

    My cat liked it

  • Riva Reed

    Riva Reed

     3 months ago

    Tux LIVED it

  • Shubham Rathore

    Shubham Rathore

     3 months ago


  • Eva Tervala

    Eva Tervala

     3 months ago

    My Iris came running, when treats calling. Iris likes to watch in tv, when Grantchester priest is bicycling. The other very interesting curiosity is when people are waterskiing 😸 Thank you for lovely videos Iris and Eva from Finland 🇫🇮

  • Katie Lind

    Katie Lind

     3 months ago

    I tried to show the cat I'm cat sitting the video but it just ended up ignoring it and loving me lol

  • chenryhand87


     3 months ago

    My cat liked it

  • Cody D

    Cody D

     4 months ago

    That can opening sound sure got their attention. 😂