Uncharted 4 (dunkview)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 17, 2016
  • Big thanks to Pbat http://www.twitch.tv/paperbat/
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BzmFbfCEv9k


  • Harshavardan Arvind

    Harshavardan Arvind

     6 days ago +1

    Looking back at this video
    I now want a dlc chapter😭

  • Pr3ssPl4y


     7 days ago

    Just downloaded the Drake Deluxe edition for free on PS4 and was underwhelmed by the first Uncharted. I know it's an old game, but the shooting mechanics were ridiculously flawed and climbing and jumping over objects gets old real fast. I won't be picking it back up again and I have no desire to play any of the other series.

  • Cabot Gugler

    Cabot Gugler

     7 days ago

    Dunkey: “It’s not the system seller critics are hyping it up to be.”

    I literally bought a PS4 just for this game

  • Crispy Banana

    Crispy Banana

     14 days ago

    you go to dunkey for laughs you get valuable criticism, you go to IGN for valuable criticism you get laughs

  • Adil Rahman

    Adil Rahman

     14 days ago

    He makes a good point! When we getting a grappling hook in SPIDER-MAN???? YOUR MOVE, EA

  • Gang Weed

    Gang Weed

     14 days ago +1

    Hearing that Jack and Dexter theme through way back thanks dunk

  • Republic Of Tøm

    Republic Of Tøm

     14 days ago

    Fuckin motion blur

  • Sam Stanell

    Sam Stanell

     21 days ago

    I noticed overtime that this game grew on dunkey

    He first called it a pretty average game and then it eventually gets into his top 10 list in 2018

  • Fresh Air

    Fresh Air

     21 days ago +3

    Thank God he rethinked his review on The Last of Us, also the review on Uncharted 4 is pretty biased, i win bye bye

  • Eeshan Joshi

    Eeshan Joshi

     21 days ago

    Go to fuckin jail

  • Mikail Eryilmaz

    Mikail Eryilmaz

     21 days ago

    no. no This is a 5/5, even a 6/5. Masterpiece.



     28 days ago

    Dunkey changed his mind about last of us and uncharted after revisiting the games three years later and both games are made by naughty dog VIDEOGAMEDUNKEY IS RUN BY ANTS!!

  • Bradley Goo

    Bradley Goo

     28 days ago


  • John Doe

    John Doe

     1 months ago

    Boring as fuck this so called "video game" last of us was even worse, last of us 2 will be the same.

  • Kazi


     1 months ago

    H E S P E L L E D M O R E D U N K E Y C O R R E C T L Y

  • IAmYourAsshole


     1 months ago

    Sekiro was inspired by dunkdunk and added the grappling hook ,now they won the game of the year.

  • Keroy Timmermann

    Keroy Timmermann

     1 months ago

    comin back to this video reminds me of why i always thought dunkey would be a black dude from the hood

  • Casa de Frank

    Casa de Frank

     1 months ago +1

    Dunkey, a human, can change his opinions...?

    Opinions aren't supposed to change Dunkey! You're supposed to have the same opinion on everything all the time!
    If you don't then you are nitpicking and biased! I win, bye-bye!!

  • Jamil Ahnaf

    Jamil Ahnaf

     1 months ago

    What about XB 1 players

  • Xhibitt


     1 months ago

    Actually this is my favorite game of all time I played it 3 times, I don't regret every second of it! The story, the gameplay, it's a masterpiece! The detail in the game, the characters design, the conversations and realism in middle of the battles are always cranking me up, this game is just all I wanted in game industry.