Old Dunkey and Cuphead

  • Published on:  Saturday, October 21, 2017
  • A look back at some of my oldest videos and my latest game Cuphead that I made.

    with gameplay by Kratosworld https://goo.gl/iMTkXV
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CCkPhYiKbJU


  • jccs98



    chicka doom chicka doom chicka doom chicka doom

  • Buster Smith

    Buster Smith

     2 days ago

    I was really into this game. Was super hyped for it. But it was too hard and they never added online co-op so I just said fuck it. Now its just a file sitting on the hard drive. A relic. I love this game but fuck it. Not playing cup head again.

  • Dictator Kirby

    Dictator Kirby

     2 days ago

    I remember seeing the great yoshi migration and up my ass on new grounds as a kid actually. Me and my friends would shout up my ass as a response randomly because of that video.

  • Mr Smoko

    Mr Smoko

     3 days ago

    I can't believe Nintendo copied your yoshi story for super Mario BROS 2

  • Manas Choudhary

    Manas Choudhary

     4 days ago

    Cuphead really is one of the best games of this generation.

  • aloalix


     4 days ago

    This video is GAY

  • Uncle Jemima

    Uncle Jemima

     5 days ago

    I must suck at cup head bc Iā€™m 5 hours in and not through the first chapter

  • Curtis Chaplin

    Curtis Chaplin

     5 days ago

    I'm real glad you got gud. šŸ˜…

  • Alex yo

    Alex yo

     5 days ago

    You even lift bro

  • tehcommenterofepic


     7 days ago

    You say how you gotta work hard at beating and winning Cuphead but you don't feel the same about Getting Over It.

  • wowwowweebs


     7 days ago

    i remember that

  • Ciaran Patrick

    Ciaran Patrick

     7 days ago

    I think up my ass is one of the most underrated films of all time

  • Dweebenheim


     7 days ago

    Damn, he ain't gonna be in rush hour 3

  • Vemund Berget

    Vemund Berget

     7 days ago

    my pc refuses to dash 2 times in a row. makes the game way harder :/

  • boneless boi

    boneless boi

     7 days ago

    i just choked on a gummy bear

  • orb


     7 days ago

    what the fuck this came out 2 years ago?

  • JustScrollingInTheComments


     14 days ago

    2:49 I always thought Dunkey was black, until I saw his face reveal. Dunkey is just a black grandma on the inside.

  • The Don

    The Don

     14 days ago


  • missing elements

    missing elements

     14 days ago

    this video is actually very enlightening, not only do i want to achieve beating cuphead finally, but i want to continue doing what i try to. thank you dunkey, my future self or someone else will probably find this comment in the future and it will be embarrassing

  • King Utopus

    King Utopus

     14 days ago

    This video is the one where it persuaded me into finally starting to work for my exam so thanks