The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian (Official Video Version)

  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2013
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    All the old paintings on the tombs,
    They do the sand dance,
    Don't you know?

    If they move too quick
    They're falling down like a domino.

    All the bazaar men by the Nile,
    They got the money on a bet.

    Gold crocodiles they snap their teeth
    On your cigarette.

    Foreign types with their hookah pipes say
    Walk like an Egyptian.

    #TheBangles #WalkLikeAnEgyptian #Vevo
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  • D T

    D T

     25 minutes ago

    I used to think it was a bro that sung this

  • Domison Homanison

    Domison Homanison

     47 minutes ago

    youtube tv go away 75 to 74 streaming channels no we have tv sets and Vinnie Vincent co wrote this song Egyptian Pharoahess Ankh warrior!!!!!!!!!!!! Vinnie changing wow wow.

  • The FiggyPuddin

    The FiggyPuddin

     an hour ago

    When you finish killing somebody for the day and end it of with WAAAYOOOOYAAAYOOOO

  • Wolfgang Trubshaw

    Wolfgang Trubshaw

     2 hours ago +1

    This used to be also utilized in the now-Poof!-gone routines around the two sides of the horizontal bar of the cross not being on the same height. Incidentally, the Amelia-Earhart-Nerdereenclub deludes that ol' time-travelling Amelia got the Egyptians to "encode a warning against the cross" into such "dancing" depictions from ancient Egypt. The following is a full sentence: …



     2 hours ago

    Jojo BR aqui kkk

  • Andres Porras

    Andres Porras

     5 hours ago

    even Gaddafi had fun in the 80s

  • Arbiter451


     6 hours ago

    I always hear sand dance as stand dance

  • Jeff Jones

    Jeff Jones

     6 hours ago

    A time when people knew how to have fun be happy and care these days it`s full of snarling angry faced liberals telling everybody how to lead their lives

  • Bruno Simões

    Bruno Simões

     8 hours ago

    roundabout was better

  • Cecilia Schariac

    Cecilia Schariac

     10 hours ago

    Makes me Wanna go to a trip with my Japanese friend,A Random storyteller that my Grandpa called to force me outta the Cell,my grandpa,a French Pillar haired guy and a dog

  • Norman Holler

    Norman Holler

     13 hours ago

    Imagine you want make a great music but a japanese cartoon stole it and make it a reference.

  • Marine Admiral Jeronimo

    Marine Admiral Jeronimo

     13 hours ago

    Walk like an Eg . . . DIO!

  • TechSavvy Hero DSD

    TechSavvy Hero DSD

     15 hours ago

    Holy hotness! I remember the Bangles in the 80's and they are seriously hot, in music and appearance. Susannah Hoffs must be related to Camila Cabello. They're so similar :)

  • Dustbowl Hammer

    Dustbowl Hammer

     15 hours ago

    Dude these gurls are hot

  • Yee Haw

    Yee Haw

     16 hours ago

    anime was a mistake

  • Mateo B.

    Mateo B.

     16 hours ago

    Is this a Jojo reference?

  • Fonzo Castro

    Fonzo Castro

     16 hours ago +1

    At 1:53 what the hell happened? I lost connection. Pleas explain ?

  • kill me

    kill me

     19 hours ago

    My intentions were to put him in the hospital.

  • LegalE15


     23 hours ago +1

    Why do I feel like beating up a gay vampire or else my mom dies

  • Rai



    Wait they sung for JoJo😂😂😂