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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2013
  • Dunkey screams at the top of his lungs for 4 and a half minutes.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/EoC4-ydyeos


  • IsLeafOn?


     6 days ago +1

    Why is this in my recommended after 5 years lol



     1 months ago +1

    shark tale

  • Swatnum King

    Swatnum King

     1 months ago

    Bruh those shoes in the bottom left and right corner probably what they fighting over 😂

  • Κωσταντινος Κτρ

    Κωσταντινος Κτρ

     1 months ago +1

    Knack 2 babyyyyy

  • Maniacal Mint

    Maniacal Mint

     1 months ago

    Love it when I find an old dunkey video I haven’t seen before

  • reach for ma

    reach for ma

     2 months ago

    Best fighting game since minecraft bed wars.

  • Austin Peake

    Austin Peake

     2 months ago

    Now this, this is game of the year

  • fake shdws

    fake shdws

     3 months ago +1

    you know this is 2013 when he makes the joke, “you whipped me that’s racist” nonetheless i died

  • Mashed potatus

    Mashed potatus

     3 months ago

    Can you imagine this guy getting married 6 years later?

  • That Guy

    That Guy

     4 months ago

    0:45 it's dunkey fighting himself

  • Jonathan Joestar with Pluck

    Jonathan Joestar with Pluck

     4 months ago +2

    Man this video reminds me of the time Tehngion beat Dunkey in Divekick.

  • Gabriel Melendez

    Gabriel Melendez

     5 months ago

    Looks funny

  • Ya boi Larry

    Ya boi Larry

     5 months ago

    3:06 a little sketchy 👀

  • Phanpain What

    Phanpain What

     5 months ago +1

    Why is this suddenly on my recommendation

  • Fighting Gold

    Fighting Gold

     5 months ago


  • Johnson Red

    Johnson Red

     5 months ago +1


  • Unbreakable Onion

    Unbreakable Onion

     6 months ago


  • onkel


     7 months ago

    pretty cool for a flash game

  • Eibemig


     7 months ago +1

    old but gold :D

  • Rick Solid

    Rick Solid

     9 months ago

    Why do hafe to solve everything with violence!!!