• Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019

    Watermelon has an impressive list of health benefits that include support of a healthy heart, helps to lose weight. Watermelon helps you to hydrate as it contains 92 percent of water.
    Watermelon a perfect product to refresh during hot days. There are a lot of dishes you can make from a watermelon but firstly you should learn how to cut it. Cutting a watermelon is an essential skill as it will ease your life. Don’t forget to wash a watermelon properly before cutting. Prepare a sharp knife and watch our tutorials. Also, you will learn how to serve watermelon and to make your party table even cooler. Use wooden sticks to eat a watermelon. The best thing is that sticks will let your hands be clean. One more way to cut watermelon really fast and without a mess is to cut the watermelon in half. Cut the flesh in halves in squares and pull out the flesh using a spoon. And the coolest idea is to cut a watermelon using dental floss. Watch the video to find a tutorial!
    Do you love desserts? You can make a super delicious dessert from a watermelon. Cola watermelon skewers. Cut two holes in watermelon, insert two cola bottles inside, wait till Coke bottles become empty. Use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of the cola watermelon. Use toothpicks or wooden sticks to serve this dessert. If you want to celebrate a Birthday but are tired of common cakes, make a no-bake cake from a watermelon. To make this simple cake, cut off a watermelon's rind then cover in whipped cream and decorate with berries. This is the best dessert for a summer party.
    Make a watermelon bomb using rubber bands. There will be a lot of fun when it will explode!

    00:12 Cola watermelon
    00:58 Summer cake
    01:49 Watermelon bomb
    02:20 How to cut a watermelon

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  • 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute Crafts

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    Guys, what tastes better: melon or watermelon?🍉
    Let us know your thoughts!
    00:12 Cola watermelon
    00:58 Summer cake
    01:49 Watermelon bomb
    02:20 How to cut a watermelon
    More fruity ideas https://youtu.be/UD04_12Ir1c

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