Watermelon Crawl Solo



  • MarkGTR


     6 months ago +1

    Great work Kent.

  • Matthew Babich

    Matthew Babich

     10 months ago +1

    Great video. Thank you

  • Rschaden


     a years ago +1

    Wow. The pedal bends are a sweet and fun lick.. great job on illustrating a solo. Short and sweet. I didn’t have to watch a 20 min video. Thank you

  • VSR


     3 years ago +1

    I've been playing hard rock most of my life, in a band now doing a mix of music, some of it being country. I'm finding out how different and difficult country is. I just ran across your video of you doing the lead for The Fireman, (which really was good.) which lead me to see if you posted other vids and here I am. I was admiring your guitar strap, then I noticed it's because I have the same one. ha. Thanks for putting out the music vids.