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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • When it comes to choosing victims, these theives had the same amount of luck as Ed Esquive bringing knife to the gun fight. Here are 7 theives who messed with wrong people

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    ➽ Armed Robber Gets owned by Marine
    A robber picked the worst store in the state to try and rob as he came face to face with a clerk who just so happened to be a former Marine Corps Combat Instructor and Black Belt in karate. The thief approached the register with a pack of beers and when the clerk turned away, took out a huge blade. But Jacob knock him out in no time.

    ➽ Clerk disarms shotgun wielding man
    Video shows the worker serving two customers as the robber approaches. He can then be seen snatching the shotgun and eventually tearing it away from the attacker, who then turns and flees.
    Police investigating the robber later found that the shotgun was not loaded at the time. An 18-year-old man was taken into custody the following day and has since been charged with attempted armed robbery.

    ➽ Missouri Liquor Store Clerk Pulls gun on Armed Robber
    Jon Lewis Alexander who is a former military man was working at a liquor store when a man walked into the store smoking a cigarette. When Alexander asked the man to take the cigarette back outside, the suspect asked for the money before allegedly pulling out a gun on Alexander who pulled out his own loaded gun in return.

    ➽ MMA fighter subdues burglar
    An alleged burglar picked the wrong house to hit. The San Diego home happened to belong to a professional MMA fighter. The burglary attempt soon ended with the suspect in a choke hold.

    ➽ Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder
    18-year-old mother Sarah McKinley was alone with her 3-month-old son in their Blanchard home. McKinley says two men armed with a foot-long hunting knife, attempted to break down her door. She grabbed her baby and fetched a 12-gauge shotgun before calling 911. As intruder stepped in her room she shot and killed him on the spot.

    ➽ Homeowner tapes up man for breaking into his home
    Mark Thompson was caught on camera breaking into a home, then making himself at home. But he was caught red handed, ended up in quite a sticky situation when the homeowner found him where he wasn't supposed to be.

    Mugger vs MMA fighter
    A mugger ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he picked the wrong victim to rob at gunpoint.
    Bruised and bloodied Anthony Miranda was arrested after attempting to steal money from a six foot two, 250-pounds mixed martial arts expert - who ended up wrenching the loaded gun from his hand after Miranda pointed it at his chest

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/I--m8IuSkS0


  • crimsonangel681



    Awesome karma!

  • Chris Laque

    Chris Laque

     2 days ago

    These thieves got off to easy.
    Time for some new meat to put in the mystery meat.

  • David Day walker

    David Day walker

     2 days ago

    Young mother did good ...

  • therese brear

    therese brear

     2 days ago


  • Humanities died long time ago freedom

    Humanities died long time ago freedom

     3 days ago

    usa is lawless gangland country

  • Beans Spiller

    Beans Spiller

     5 days ago


  • Matthew Shuman

    Matthew Shuman

     5 days ago

    The MMA fighter in this video is not 6'2" 250lbs. He is actually under 5'11" and weighs 155lbs

  • CaramelDlux2013


     7 days ago

    Some of these guys served this country ended up being gas station and liquor store clerks dealing with idiots like that...but the Kardasians make money by being plastic, fake hoes?

    Something is truly wrong with this country.

  • Wall Cutter

    Wall Cutter

     7 days ago +1

    The man duct taped and ready for pick up was great!

  • Tim Speights

    Tim Speights

     7 days ago

    Stop saying you're doing fake giveaways!

  • Ronskie try

    Ronskie try

     7 days ago +2

    Try to deffend yourself in Philippines you are the one who'll going to jail 😂

  • Aerial Drone Vision

    Aerial Drone Vision

     7 days ago

    The mother with baby asking for permission from 911 call centre
    to shoot if they came in!, OMG YOU are so brave and such a good mum. Defo justified 😊👍

  • Yusuf Abdulle

    Yusuf Abdulle

     7 days ago +2

    It's funny they don't show the people who tried shit and got killed

  • Jethz P3

    Jethz P3

     7 days ago +1

    That burglar looks like wade barrett 😂

  • Whats Beyond Cringe Bridge

    Whats Beyond Cringe Bridge

     7 days ago

    Dislikes are from criminals
    1 like equals no more criminals

  • Dia Betes

    Dia Betes

     7 days ago

    You missed those two people who broke into the house of a gay pornstar and got raped

  • L Boss

    L Boss

     7 days ago

    Fuck Antony Miranda he deserves more than a ass kick a drive to cementary

  • Antonio Perales del Hierro

    Antonio Perales del Hierro

     7 days ago

    Lets get real karmer cant be everywhere at once.

  • Mark Gibson

    Mark Gibson

     14 days ago +1

    Jacobs later admitted he was no combat instructor

  • James Cutie

    James Cutie

     14 days ago +1

    The last one is a classic