How to play Watermelon Man on the Guitar (with score and tab)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 24, 2013
  • This is the melody of Watermelon Man, written by Herbie Hancock. Choose 480 or 720p for better resolution.

    Here you can play along with my backing track:

    Here you can view score, or download it. If you want to print it, first choose "original size" which is at the right top of your screen.

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    Have fun! :-)
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  • Sol Feinberg

    Sol Feinberg

     a years ago

    Thank you - exactly what I wanted - I'm using Watermelon Man to recognize that Minor Seventh Descending interval and wanted to be able to see what so fa syllables to associate with it / be able to play the whole song (and see all the notes / to sing the so fa with) on guitar. And be free and simple. This fucking rocks, too. I particularly like the thirds that accompany the me-lon man. Funky. Hey, wa-ter mel-on man. Te, do do so la do.

  • nortin1o


     a years ago +2

    really good .no talking just the tab and music i love your style do some more.

  • Ιγνάτιος Πασχαλίδης

    Ιγνάτιος Πασχαλίδης

     a years ago +1

    Πολύ καλό, για να με συνοδεύει την φυσαρμόνικα (Hohner special 20). Μπράβο καλή δουλειά.

  • Charlie Blackmore

    Charlie Blackmore

     4 years ago +2

    Really useful for my jazz band