Eastern Gray Squirrel (Video for dogs and cats to watch...)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2013
  • An Eastern Gray Squirrel eating bird seed.

    Hardware: HTC One X
  • Source: https://youtu.be/IDaqFiLvcB0


  • Keely McNeal

    Keely McNeal


    Today squirrel appreciation day

  • xthatGhomiex



    Animals see at a different "framerate" than we do. To them, TV and YouTube are just a bunch of still pictures without the illusion of motion.

  • adam37 spade

    adam37 spade

     7 days ago

    Trump supporter attacked by a squirrel. https://youtu.be/O8KPi_iria4

  • Insert here

    Insert here

     14 days ago

    so beautiful, squirrels are a national treasure!!! They look at us 3d creatures like what are you doing with your lives, when they are living in 4d!!!!

  • Anna Cottle Cottle

    Anna Cottle Cottle

     14 days ago

    Why vidio this for its prey

  • Susan Smith

    Susan Smith

     14 days ago

    My Standard Poodle watched the whole video. He loved it. Thank you!

  • Dubious Jesse

    Dubious Jesse

     21 days ago

    Squirrels love french fries.

  • Squirrel Mark

    Squirrel Mark

     21 days ago

    Brown squirrels are now a bit rare, but only ground squirrels are many

  • James Mara

    James Mara

     1 months ago

    One less one in my yard. I keep chasing em out of my feeder, this one flipped me the bird so I took him out. Usually a body shot is not lethal, not today. I heard it thump, he scampered up the Hickory, then tried to jump to another branch and came crashing to the ground. I hate the little basturds with a passion, my neighbors cat will eat it toninght so it didn't go to waste. To all you squirrel lovers, fuck a bunch of tree rats!

  • Loretta Lowerison

    Loretta Lowerison

     1 months ago

    M m. M.

  • Nightmare Fredcat

    Nightmare Fredcat

     1 months ago

    I love how they use 2 hands to eat! XD 🤣

  • i'm aroused by squirrels

    i'm aroused by squirrels

     1 months ago

    squirrels are so hot i see them and i get an instant boner that is so terribly massive it instantly tears through my skinny jeans and prized Gucci belt and completely tears through my mushroom tip because of the belt buckle when i see squirrels i'm not just aroused i'm on a whole other sexuality i just want my dick to pierce through a squirrels asshole just once i made all of my bed sheets brown and tan i almost instantly start try humping my bed sheets which have on several times turned to full on sex with my bed sheets as i pretend i'm balls deep in my squirrel waifu ,Janice i even play real sex moans on my phone in the background for a full experience i have had to stop using cum socks because i just unload everything from my balls into it so i know use cum cheese ball containers i worry i shouldn't fuck a squirrel because i could explode my partner with natures yogurt but even with this knowledge i still continue too fight for my dreams my parents think i need help i don't need any help.

  • sweet perfume

    sweet perfume

     2 months ago

    Holiday up, my cat wants to tye3

    §ga gliding h tutu

  • Randi Jones

    Randi Jones

     2 months ago

    My cat, Sassy Britches-Pants, enjoyed watching this. Thank you. <3

  • AV Villafuerte

    AV Villafuerte

     2 months ago

    Why a squrrls??!?!!?

  • AV Villafuerte

    AV Villafuerte

     2 months ago


  • oldladywhocares


     2 months ago

    These animals were introduced into a western town where I used to live. They became an absolute bain. They drove away the western red squirrels and the chipmunks which we rarely saw after their advent. Too bad people think it's cool to move non-native squirrels into a non indigenous range. They can be eaten; I have an old recipe book which includes their preparation. They are after all, cousins to rabbits. We're not all vegetarians.

  • Nicky Appleby

    Nicky Appleby

     2 months ago

    My cat is loving this, but insists that I sit and watch it with her. Oh well, I guess the ironing can wait.



     3 months ago


  • Albert nimes Sightler iii

    Albert nimes Sightler iii

     3 months ago