Young London - Video Killed The Radio Star [Cover]

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 4, 2012
  • I do not own this song or the content. All Rights go to Young London.

    Original Artist: The Buggles

    Check out Young London on facebook at http://www.facebook,com/younglondonmusic

    Young London is from Boston, Massachusetts.
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  • watermydriedupsoul


     21 days ago

    Amazing, shit should have more views

  • captain Rockatron

    captain Rockatron

     5 months ago

    This’d make an amazing video.

  • K. Jevon .D

    K. Jevon .D

     7 months ago +1

    really like the fast paced cover :)

  • Toxus


     9 months ago

    When autotune replaces talent

  • captain Rockatron

    captain Rockatron

     a years ago

    Not bad in my opinion.
    Solid A-

  • Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison

     a years ago

    As much as I like the late John Wetton, he did not write this song. It was written by Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn, and Bruce Woolley.

  • nacoran


     a years ago +7

    Autotune killed the cover song.

  • Jeffrey


     a years ago

    I hope you make a video for this!

  • jonesy jones

    jonesy jones

     a years ago

    Ohh. Beautiful. Thx

  • alia casablanca

    alia casablanca

     2 years ago +13

    Perfect example, internet killed the video.

  • 4SH_DI3S_4L0N3


     2 years ago

    Xeodrifter out of 10

  • Fool's Requiem

    Fool's Requiem

     2 years ago

    less autotune, next time.

  • Jan


     2 years ago +2

    Murder! murder!!!

  • Jeffrey Brewster

    Jeffrey Brewster

     3 years ago +15

    this is fucking horrendous

  • Florian Petit

    Florian Petit

     3 years ago +1

    super genial merci pour le partage

  • NinjaTurtlesFan89


     3 years ago +9

    This is mah jam. but The buggles one was betters

  • CandyCoated08


     3 years ago

    u guys rock!!

  • Lucas Sampaio Esteves

    Lucas Sampaio Esteves

     4 years ago

    Awesome! Love this!

  • J Michael

    J Michael

     4 years ago +8

    Personally, if you are going to do a song like this, it really needs to have video. IMHO

  • marty3888


     5 years ago +1

    OK, I just listened it for a 2nd time and beginning to like it. Not alot. Still am not tired of the original. I heard it first on I came on youtube hoping there was a video. a moving video. Those were the good ole days. And both VH1 and MTV need to change the name ofr their channel. VH1 stands for "video hits 1" and MTV stands for Music Television.