Car Fry 5

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 9, 2018
  • In the new game Far Guy 5 you have to find a bear.
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  • Иван Иванов

    Иван Иванов


    Dunky road, take me hooome...

  • King Lurch

    King Lurch


    I wish boomer not being able to ride in the car with you was glitch too :(

  • Dig Head

    Dig Head

     2 days ago

    How is this guy only has 6M subscribers?

  • noobtakingover12


     7 days ago

    Can we just ask how Dunkey just keep finding glitches? Its like he edited the program to have glitches at the right time

  • LennytheLedge 741

    LennytheLedge 741

     7 days ago

    This Video should be called "F*cker 5"

  • Dan Roy

    Dan Roy

     7 days ago

    Need coordinates on mama bear

  • JD gamer127

    JD gamer127

     14 days ago

    Kills a man in cold blood
    Dunkle: "I am a hero"

  • Max McNeil

    Max McNeil

     14 days ago

    this game really makes you FEEL like bear

  • Riley kelaher

    Riley kelaher

     14 days ago

    2:02 got me good

  • Diego Brando

    Diego Brando

     21 days ago

    And my sword broke

  • legion


     21 days ago

    Definitely the best review

  • Kilen Miles

    Kilen Miles

     28 days ago

    1:07 comes to revive him

    "Hey man, how are ya" 😂

  • SquareBob SpongePants •

    SquareBob SpongePants •

     28 days ago

    This is also a strand type game.

  • distantignition


     1 months ago

    That one part at 0:00 is the best example of flawless comedic timing I can think of right now. Devil's advocate: I don't keep a ranked list of comedic timing examples. This was still fucking funny.

  • Hexadots playz

    Hexadots playz

     1 months ago +33

    I've completed this game 3 time without facing any of those physical glitches or bugs...
    What do you feed your computer?



     1 months ago

    He needs to just be a game tester at this point.

  • Nicholas Barton

    Nicholas Barton

     1 months ago +1

    What everyone came for 0:59

  • Mayank Tiwari

    Mayank Tiwari

     1 months ago

    that mass effect song is soo good

  • Sean The Baptist

    Sean The Baptist

     1 months ago +2

    Man this game was so damn fun, I can't wait for Far Cry 6

  • Raul J

    Raul J

     1 months ago

    This is funny