$150 Walmart TV FAIL!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 24, 2019
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    So you like Walmart PC videos… and cheap display videos… how about their ugly cousin, Walmart TV videos?! Let’s see if this 43” 1080P TV is even worth its every day low price of $158.

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  • Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips

     11 months ago +746

    I know it's been a while, but this video was not uploaded at 16:9 4K. The source file is 2:1 4096:2048. However, we had to do an edit at some point to remove a piece of content within the video and it's caused it to be reprocessed by the Youtube Editor at 16:9. We've reported the issue to our rep.

  • Mark Shone

    Mark Shone

     15 hours ago

    Buy the best cheap used tv

  • CyclingLand



    I have a 32 inch RCA TV, and it's pretty good (I paid €120)

  • angel arambula

    angel arambula


    The Jedi fallen order has released date early. The Red it is really red .......and start video The fight.n

  • angel arambula

    angel arambula


    The movies sound and we all are happy.,and grimace???????? Do I want usb,or??.

  • Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista


    Doesn’t onn make car chargers?

  • Robotic_Llama



    considering the large audience of this video and the much smaller pool of TV/monitor models, at least one person is probably watching this video on that TV

  • dirtrider88



    I feel like considering this was a full year ago this is a win not a fail.

  • Tony Hawk

    Tony Hawk

     2 days ago

    It works fine for me everything looks good and sounds good

  • Georgie b

    Georgie b

     2 days ago

    If your over 65, this will do the job.

  • bob hope

    bob hope

     2 days ago

    That old people connector is great for OTA antenna. You know, for cord cutters?

  • unique


     2 days ago

    onnnnnnn !

  • unique


     2 days ago

    old people connector :D

  • TommyB


     3 days ago

    you guys are a joke all you do is put products down sorry not everybody can afford $1000 tvs i have an idea if your so smart why don't you open your own company so i can review your products and tell you how shitty they are every video of yours is either putting peoples stuff down unless you built it grow up take some of those ear rings out of your head and grow the fuck up

  • UnexpectedStuff


     3 days ago

    Poor Walmart-Chan.
    Linus-senpai doesn’t notice her.

  • Alejandra


     4 days ago

    This TV is probably better than my old 32 inch TV I still use. has more than 11 years I think

  • Raoul Raoul

    Raoul Raoul

     4 days ago

    Very good tv and very amusing menu voice ,i shit my pants laughing :)))

  • marcos g

    marcos g

     4 days ago +1

    I love Linus videos
    But I don’t think he knows these TVs are “mint” 😂😂😂for a lot of people out there. Low price, decent resolution.

  • Ailín Ó'S

    Ailín Ó'S

     5 days ago

    Does James have IG?

  • Jamie P

    Jamie P

     5 days ago