Strangest Last Meal Requests On Death Row

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • Lots of strange last meal requests from death row prisoners have been made. Lets look at the weirdest ones!
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     1 months ago +2054

    Some of you lucky individuals saw this video a few days ago when YouTube glitched and published it too early!!
    Sorry for the re-post but thank you for being awesome.
    Have a great day everyone!

  • Mr. AKA Manage Man Henderson

    Mr. AKA Manage Man Henderson

     21 minutes ago

    I’d rather go out drunk is the best and smoke a whole ounce of kush

  • David Hackman

    David Hackman

     22 minutes ago

    They should be able to request hookers.

  • Kerry Fischer

    Kerry Fischer

     27 minutes ago +1

    I would have a pile crab legs, 2 Maine lobster tails 1 bone in ribeye steak and a bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Ababab Brown

    Ababab Brown

     37 minutes ago

    Only reason I clicked cause looked like cube of weed, CLICKBAIT😔

  • jenna nadebaum

    jenna nadebaum

     45 minutes ago

    If Australia had the death penalty and I received it in would order 2 small ham and pineapple pizza from Australia and 4 2 litre farmer's union iced coffee that you can only get here in in Australia

  • jenna nadebaum

    jenna nadebaum

     50 minutes ago

    About the granny that was the 1st woman to get the the death penalty in 22 yrs was a Christian, who killed. See the majority of believers are real evil!!

  • jenna nadebaum

    jenna nadebaum

     52 minutes ago

    Why should these inmates get enough respect to have a last meal but the people they killed don't?

  • Limzo Man

    Limzo Man

     56 minutes ago

    Very unhealthy meals. Can get high cholesterol

  • River Vessel

    River Vessel

     an hour ago

    Bro I know you did not just say "a "devout Christian" lady that killed six people."??? If she was a real Christian Jesus said "love your enemy" not murder six people if you feel like it! Therefore she was not "devout" at all but a freaking unbelievable wretch. And whatsup with all these crazy people anyway?! How can they eat food like that before their imminent deaths when they dont know God??? I suppose with most of them their mental illnesses have not gone very far away then? If I were in their shoes I'd be fasting and praying to God not eating. We have souls people. God exists. The entire spiritual realm exists. The most interesting one was the olive tree guy. He at least had a beautiful creative idea. Wait no the other guy won that toss with trying to give away his pizza he's the smartest of them all. And it worked regardless! Good omen that. The death penalty IS an act of vengeance and cowardly as well he is absolutely correct on that last saying. Ive had both friends and family murdered in cold blood without ever knowing half their killers. Forgiveness sets me FREE not my enemies. When Socrates the brilliant philosopher was forced to drink Hemlock he first told his friend to go pay back the chicken he owed someone! Because even Socrates knew he was about to be JUDGED by Someone! Socrates was no fool. And he said "Philosophy is training for death" but he didn't have Jesus just a bunch of false gods he didn't believe in in fact that's why he was in trouble. But even he knew he needed to be very careful at death. I'll tell you right now if I was in these prisoners positions I'd be reading my Bible and praying daily but the funny thing is I do that even though I'm not! Because I'm just like them I'm not promised tomorrow by any means and I do NOT want to be caught naked with no excuse on that day! They should have spent those years in waiting working out their own salvations in Jesus I think that one guy did but the others seemed without hope. But you know when you murder someone else you murder yourself. You kill and harden your own heart so its a curse laid on every murderers head. So... It may be hard for some of them to truly believe. But I know some have been spared by God though. God saves the children while cursing their killers. Unless the killer repent and become like a child their is no hope. The ancients understood it well to murder another is to murder myself. Not because some other person will kill me but because unless I truly repent God will. That's God's work. Go look at what happened to the evil kings of history! Real life is not like game of thrones! Look at the evil kings who murdered many. They would die in pain tortured by some random disease. Look at Antiochus Epiphanes for example called "the Mad One" he died of a wretched disease after murdering many innocent women and children. History is filled with equity and Purpose.

  • Rakesh Patil

    Rakesh Patil

     2 hours ago

    I would order something that would take a month to arrive.

  • Cody Hartman

    Cody Hartman

     2 hours ago

    A fricken block of dirt?

  • I D

    I D

     2 hours ago

    Great JOB on this video 😉

  • Crazy J

    Crazy J

     3 hours ago

    1 blunt of top shelf and I’m good

  • 123333 5678

    123333 5678

     4 hours ago

    Strangest last meals:
    Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce

  • Sean Peters

    Sean Peters

     4 hours ago

    These criminals deserve the same death they gave their victims, and a last meal request is a real courtesy. Btw, great video.

  • Todd Amtmann

    Todd Amtmann

     5 hours ago

    "Ricky Ray rectum" "John Spank-my-link"... With names like these freaks, I'd wanna kill someone too!😂😂😂😂😂

  • K24 Gaming

    K24 Gaming

     5 hours ago

    5:38 I did not get my spagettios.

  • Todd Amtmann

    Todd Amtmann

     5 hours ago

    28 year old "Victor Fagit", looked like he was 45!😂

  • Boo Yah

    Boo Yah

     6 hours ago

    I wonder who thought of that idea the last meal request