The Thrilla in Manila Explained - Ali vs Frazier 3 Breakdown

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 26, 2019
  • It was a Thrilla in Manilla. Muhammad Ali had done the impossible, recapturing the heavyweight title from George Foreman. But he was not satisfied. There was one man who had given him too much trouble. One man who could be pointed to as evidence that perhaps Ali was not the greatest heavyweight of all time. That man was Smokin Joe Frazier. Each had won one of their two epic encounters. Now it was time to put the rivalry to rest once and for all.

    There was no telling how the fight would go. Each had refined and enhanced the skills they had pitted against each other prior.

    And so, this fight was not a redo, but a continuation, built on the strategies, techniques, and intense personal hatred carried over from the previous two.

    1st Fight

    Their first match, known as the Fight of the Century had already become ingrained in the American psych as one of the greatest matches in history.

    The fight had been fueled in part by the intense personal dislike the two champions felt for each other.

    Ali had so enraged Joe that in his locker room before the fight, Frazier had prayed to god to help him kill Ali.