Behind "Video Killed The Radio Star": The Synth Parts

  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Here’s how I deconstructed “Video Killed The Radio Star” using just a Voyetra 8 synthesiser.
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  • Simon Burns

    Simon Burns

     6 days ago

    You sir are genius

  • Simon Burns

    Simon Burns

     6 days ago

    Loved that song still do

  • Robin Lovell

    Robin Lovell

     7 days ago

    Please please please give us Strings of Life by Rhythim is Rhythim

  • David A.

    David A.

     7 days ago +3

    Your happiness and talent make me smile every time I watch a video of yours.

  • RBT MR

    RBT MR

     7 days ago

    Well done. I'm impressed with your results.

  • steve m plant

    steve m plant

     14 days ago

    Spoiled bastard. Good job.

  • kiko 1

    kiko 1

     14 days ago

    You and musictrackjp are tied for my favorite synth people

  • Lesr Furm

    Lesr Furm

     14 days ago

    >> Real Info.
    He mention a piano is not a keyboard, because in the eighties a keyboard was an instrument which
    produce digital synthesize sounds with an micro processor and the piano is a percussion stringed
    instrument which produce analog sounds, in fact real sounds !

  • Nixon Kutz

    Nixon Kutz

     14 days ago

    awesome in every way

  • Waimate TV

    Waimate TV

     14 days ago

    Is that a tricaster mini?

  • margus kiis

    margus kiis

     14 days ago

    Actually most of the synth parts were made with a cheap Solina strings keyboards, Geoff used some MiniMoog and Prophet 5 too. The dominant instrument in the song is a simple piano.

  • ricardlupus


     14 days ago

    Really loved seeing the Voyetra 8 in use close up! But it sounded like there was some spurious panning going on - was that intentional?

  • Rocky 1918

    Rocky 1918

     21 days ago

    I had a Voyetra 8 rev 4 [final rev] 28 years ago. Great tone. Wide band width. However, envelopes were software and less than 16 bit. That's why Rick Stevenson at Manny's Music was hailing the Roland MKS- 80 [ rev 3 - more gutsy] Thus, on the Voyetra 8 you could easily hear zipper "stepping" . And on long decay you could detect the stepped levels change. So , don't feel too bad if you missed your chance to get one .

  • Bernardo H

    Bernardo H

     21 days ago

    In 1980, during my military service, this theme was on the radio (a.m) almost all day long!!! Nice job, cheers !!!!

  • Raven Evans

    Raven Evans

     21 days ago +2

    "I am gonna leave out the piano intro because that's not a keyboard"....🤦‍♂️

  • DRS


     21 days ago

    Fuk yea doctor

  • Zoltán Semegi

    Zoltán Semegi

     21 days ago




     21 days ago

    very good

  • Sam Almohanian

    Sam Almohanian

     21 days ago

    I prefer to record it midi then route it audio and record the filters parameters automation, what do you say?

  • jo shmo

    jo shmo

     1 months ago

    I am going to say what everyone is thinking....