Behind "Video Killed The Radio Star": The Synth Parts

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Here’s how I deconstructed “Video Killed The Radio Star” using just a Voyetra 8 synthesiser.
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  • brazillo19


     21 hours ago

    Hi, what recording program are you using? It doesn't look like ProTools.

  • Thomas Kolb

    Thomas Kolb

     2 days ago

    This is the guy everybody would want to hang out with - not because of the synths but because of that infectious crazy good mood.

  • TBStudios91


     2 days ago

    THE Zimmer himself would be happy I bet

  • Rob Fowler

    Rob Fowler

     2 days ago

    My first sequencer was before windows. It was a DOS program called Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold. Back then, PCs were still slow enough that an operating system like windows slowed down the machine significantly. So if you needed high accuracy you kept right on using DOS for several years. Its wasn't until Win 95 came out that you would consider running music software inside of windows.

  • Franck S.

    Franck S.

     2 days ago

    Moment in love?

  • Sergio Gallardo

    Sergio Gallardo

     4 days ago

    Hilarious but Awesome at the same time! Lol 👍.

  • Mad Dog

    Mad Dog

     4 days ago

    Dude, you need a better mic. Kill the plosives.

  • luuk tee

    luuk tee

     4 days ago


  • Decode303


     5 days ago

    Great job! Lovely Synth! Your awesome dude!

  • Void lon iXaarii

    Void lon iXaarii

     5 days ago

    Always so entertaining

  • Italia Navy Seals ARMA3 Crew

    Italia Navy Seals ARMA3 Crew

     7 days ago

    Sei un Caxxxxo di mostro! faresti un tutorial per fare suoni con DX7fd2? io ne ho una da 20 anni e non ci capisco una mazza! complimenti per il canale!

  • coondogtheman1234


     7 days ago +1

    I wish this was in GTA Vice City. I have the entire Vice City Soundtrack including Flash FM. I'm curious now as to what it would sound like if I replaced the original song in my copy of Flash FM with your mix.

  • Yasser Al Masri

    Yasser Al Masri

     7 days ago

    Perfect 👌 Master pice

  • Derek Gammon

    Derek Gammon

     7 days ago

    You sir are a Wizzard…………...

  • Isidro Lelisa

    Isidro Lelisa

     7 days ago


  • John Mason

    John Mason

     7 days ago

    Excellent ;)

  • John Danby

    John Danby

     7 days ago

    You are truly inspirational my friend such a talent

  • Carlos Balenzuela

    Carlos Balenzuela

     7 days ago +1

    I think this guy needs a doctor or maybe leave the drugs in the past.

  • Aamer Jamshaid

    Aamer Jamshaid

     14 days ago


  • Michael Ambrus

    Michael Ambrus

     14 days ago +1

    People like you make the world a better place