10 Times Movies Got Video Games Wrong

  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • We can't be the only ones noticing this stuff, right?!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/O4UklptBSU8


  • Jonathan Darbyshire

    Jonathan Darbyshire

     4 months ago

    Must admit since I was a kid the scene from Beethoven annoyed me when the kids were playing Super Mario 3 at the same time... with a power glove of all things!

  • Haruko Hoshiko

    Haruko Hoshiko

     4 months ago

    Jules very few people have cared about me in recent years. ~<3

  • Ed WeTodd

    Ed WeTodd

     4 months ago +1

    I remember watching the 40 year old virgin and thinking that was a stoned Rogan decision.
    I kinda chuckled seeing they picked the one of the most instantly recognizable controllers ever

  • Bidz


     5 months ago

    Another one: In Bring It On, Torrance and her brother are arguing while he's playing PS1. She ends the scene by opening the top of the system and...No disc. At all. Totally empty.

  • theguyinthere


     5 months ago

    Jules is a hipster

  • Luke Wilcox

    Luke Wilcox

     5 months ago

    role models - seen playing fifa, however it's just a replay

  • Robert Daniels

    Robert Daniels

     5 months ago

    I recall a Christopher Lambert movie called Knight Moves where there is a kid playing a game but is clearly not playing it because when the kid pauses the game it clearly shows the footage was recorded and played back through the TV when you see pause lines you see when you pause a tape.

  • SNU. SNU

    SNU. SNU

     5 months ago

    I'm still waiting for GTA online to add the Grenade in mouth move in a Dlc 🙏

  • bbsy1


     5 months ago

    Not the video I was expecting, but great movie trivia thanks!

    Though where in the hell were you when I needed the encouragement 18 months ago! Lol. They still help so thank you. I don’t always say it or even appreciate it as much as I should, but thank you for always having kind words.

  • Yuri Luse

    Yuri Luse

     5 months ago

    Xbox 720 being advertised in the main fight on the movie real steel

  • Ninetieth Healer

    Ninetieth Healer

     5 months ago

    Jules, sorry to correct you but i believe you meant to say Adam sandler is one of many terminal illnesses to comedy

  • Helen Monaghan

    Helen Monaghan

     5 months ago

    In an online dictionary somewhere, this video is linked under the phrase “scraping the barrel”

  • Clockwork


     5 months ago

    There was that one tiny bit in Jarhead where they were talking about Metroid and what happens when you beat the 9th level.

  • David Carlton

    David Carlton

     5 months ago

    The grenade in the mouth is used in the punisher too

  • MrJest2


     5 months ago

    I can confirm a very small number of "Doom" cabinets were made and distributed; I played one. I'm not sure if they were prototypes, some pirating effort or what, but I saw it at a local movie theater in their little arcade, and had to play it. Played pretty much exactly as the PC game, but of course with fixed controls. I only personally saw the one, but a friend played another one a couple miles away so I know there were at least two in the San Jose/Santa Clara area back then.

  • Chris Quint

    Chris Quint

     5 months ago

    I was hoping to see police academy 6 on here.. So many gameboys, all with no cartridges or even shown being powered up... if I remember correctly, the screens were shown in color too

  • Nick Ducharme

    Nick Ducharme

     5 months ago

    Pixels was a good movie. I wanted pixels 2

  • Matt Wilcks

    Matt Wilcks

     5 months ago

    In Shawn of the dead, when Shawn is on the phone to the restaurant but it’s fully booked up you can see Ed pause the game once, then un pause it, then when Simon Pegg says the line which is the cue (que?) he pauses it again!

    It’s a gaffe that’s left in the movie that only gamers will spot!

  • undeadgentlemen[_};


     5 months ago

    Agreed, movies need to up and respect gamer knowledge, nothing breaks immersion when technology breaks in. However in the inconsistent I forgive on narrative world building neutral ground. Even on "Hurtlocker" has good character development, real world U.S bomb techs' say other wise with their experience.

  • Michelle McKnight

    Michelle McKnight

     5 months ago

    You're awesome Jules...and don't you EVER forget that x