10 Video Games That Let You Be An Utter Scumbag

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 15, 2019
  • You're the good guy.... right?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QkHX8Q9ifWg


  • Barbatei Lucian Alex

    Barbatei Lucian Alex

     14 days ago

    manhunt? i expected this game on this top

  • Jashandeep singh Brar

    Jashandeep singh Brar

     1 months ago +2

    Trevo actually cares and is loyal to his friends
    He also has a rip Michael tatoo

  • Nick Wynn

    Nick Wynn

     2 months ago

    Does anyone else check the thumbnail to see if it is Jules? No? Just me? Love you man and I'm insanely proud of your path through "aggressive nature" to purely benevolent words and helpful nature. Keep growing you wonderful man you!

  • M4A1


     3 months ago

    3:28 made me lol so hard

  • A Shwin

    A Shwin

     3 months ago

    Hatred would have been way better if it wasn't a top down shooter imo

  • Alex Gouge

    Alex Gouge

     4 months ago

    Jules, the peoples scumbag

  • Sock Puppet

    Sock Puppet

     5 months ago

    Where's Garry's Mod? Admins perma ban you for

    1. Propkill
    2. RDM
    3. Minge

  • Cromulon Bob

    Cromulon Bob

     6 months ago

    Honestly the thing I love about Lynch is in co-op when you are killing hostages in his eyes they are armed enemies.

  • Teresa Smith

    Teresa Smith

     6 months ago

    We we no how somebody went through red dead 2

  • Jennifer Saar

    Jennifer Saar

     6 months ago

    Great list, although I was expecting to see Fable somewhere... That game was a trip.

  • Adam Devlin

    Adam Devlin

     6 months ago

    I liked the torture mission in gta V

  • Tony The Tiger

    Tony The Tiger

     6 months ago

    This is one of my favorite videos I love being a scumbag in games I don’t know why but it’s so much fun. And that ending thanks Jules means a lot.

  • M4A1


     6 months ago

    3:30 had me laughing so hard.

  • Calvin Lee

    Calvin Lee

     6 months ago

    Destroy All Humans is really fun. It's the only PS2 game I own that isn't a Resident Evil or Silent Hill game.

  • KokNoker


     6 months ago

    Prototype definitely should have at least made #10

  • Stefisgarden


     6 months ago

    Fable. All of them

  • Dirt McGert313

    Dirt McGert313

     6 months ago

    If people were honest with themselves then they would admit Trevor Phillips is the best part of GTA5 n Hatred was a cool game

  • Andreea Velea

    Andreea Velea

     6 months ago

    That ending really hit home, thank you Jules I needed that :')

  • Nicholos Jones

    Nicholos Jones

     6 months ago

    the gery coleman thing sounds like someone's want to kill a short innocent black man for no reason. if u want to? but a, it's just a video game.

  • stealthboy316


     6 months ago +1

    Thats why I love hitman