Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

  • Published on:  Saturday, January 7, 2012
  • Herbie Hancock explains how he composed Watermelon Man and how Mongo Santamaria influenced it. He then performs both the original 1962 and the 1973 Headhunters versions.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/RzPZvKSdN7g


  • Lesley Moore

    Lesley Moore

     2 years ago +5

    he's talking to Elvis Costello. Interesting interview.

  • Lim Kaamen

    Lim Kaamen

     2 years ago +5

    1962! He was a kid! Yet he did this????????

  • Daniel Natzke

    Daniel Natzke

     2 years ago +4

    LOL. Every single video of a famous jazz pianist giving a talk and playing has them using either a Bosendorfer or a Fazioli.

  • ax Öllner

    ax Öllner

     2 years ago +2

    4:40 my favorite part :D

  • 鎖ハロウィン


     2 years ago +3

    I can't give you but my love, Hancock!

  • Flash Gaming

    Flash Gaming

     2 years ago +14

    Explanation ends at 3:53



     2 years ago +58

    "Mongo" Santamaría (April 7, 1917 – February 1, 2003) was a rumba quinto master and an Afro-Cuban Latin jazz percussionist. He was an integral figure in the fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms with R&B and soul, paving the way for the boogaloo era of the late 1960s. His 1963 hit rendition of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man" (recorded on December 17, 1962) was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson

     2 years ago +3

    i love these creative stories

  • Mark Cianciolo

    Mark Cianciolo

     2 years ago +1

    Herbie was a great jazz pianist at an early age. I believe he was playing with Miles as a teenager! With all due respect to Herbie, his rap here is very problematic. I like his back story of how Watermelon Man came about, but I'm reluctant to believe any of it. The most likely scenario is that Herbie was practicing piano one day. Playing around. Improvising. And his fingers hit up a lick and it caught his ear. This happens frequently to musicians. Call it a happy accident. Call it a bonus for all the hours and study that preceded it. Herbie hits on a lick and plays with it, develops it. It has no name. It's just a riff that he digs and it's his own. Over time he shapes it into a composition of five or six minutes. He thinks about it and finally he gives it a name: Watermelon Man. Likewise his rap here is contrived and worked out. As I said I like it but I don't believe it. I like Herbie and I like Watermelon Man but not his shtick.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Gregory Johnson

     2 years ago +2

    man first conguero i ever heard mongo still influenced me today herbie ur right

  • Cole Privott

    Cole Privott

     2 years ago +2

    this is awesome

  • Berkleesaxman


     2 years ago +1

    It is just a real artistic experience to listen to a composer perform his music. This guy is just fantastic...was early in his career and he just keeps getting better all the time!

  • christopher fischer

    christopher fischer

     2 years ago +969

    Dude is in his 70s and he doesn't look a day over 45

  • Matthew Lipschultz

    Matthew Lipschultz

     2 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Herbie Hancock!

  • Alice Li

    Alice Li

     2 years ago

    who else is here because of school



     2 years ago +1

    I know he got a million story on the circuit with Miles Davis

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     2 years ago +1

    I want to know how Spank-a-Lee was composed, and Paul Jackson's role in the composing process

  • Maryanna Chris

    Maryanna Chris

     2 years ago +1

    J' a d o r e !!!!

  • kidkkr


     2 years ago +2

    키보드 장인

  • Tomasz M

    Tomasz M

     2 years ago +1

    super wersja !!!