How to Waste Your Life | A Short Film on Video-Game Addiction

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • There are many things I'd love to do with my life. Music, programming, and art are the big three creative outlets I'd love to pursue. But I'm 22 years old and I still suck at all of them. Why? I think I know why, and I aim to answer it in this video.

    I know at some point there's gonna be somebody saying something along the lines of "how dare you tell me how live my life, get off your high horse and stop telling me to stop wasting my life". Most likely they won't put it as eloquently as that but I should say: this is mostly an analysis of my own life. If it inspires you to do something more with your life that's great! But otherwise if you feel insulted by what I said, I recommend not worrying about what some random guy on the internet thinks.

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  • TooManyMoths


     10 months ago +1106

    Thank you so much for 1 million views! I never believed it could happen, but you proved me wrong! :D

  • Señor Nates

    Señor Nates

     6 hours ago

    There is a huge difference between competitive games and good videogames campaigns.

  • J C

    J C


    This honestly was a waste of my time. Bye

  • Anthrax



    Been gaming for 14 years... From the age of 12 to the age of 16 I've been spending DAILY at least 7 to 14 hours gaming... I have over 12.000 hours in one game. I don't want to imagine what I could of simply achieved if I spent this whole time in another domain. I'm an idiot... Or at least used to be one

  • ItsJxcob


     4 days ago

    oh my god im a failure and im lazy, hmm must be video games

  • ImAfaq YurakZyy

    ImAfaq YurakZyy

     4 days ago

    This video is so relatable and I think I'm currently at the "shouting at the screen" phase LMFAO

  • Bitty Buyy

    Bitty Buyy

     4 days ago

    How to save your life?
    1. Go to library. Open careers book.
    2. Research. Find your passion.
    3. Create a plan.
    4. Stick to it.
    5. Work hard.
    6. Be proud and enjoy.

  • Micah Jones

    Micah Jones

     5 days ago

    This is legit how I feel ! Lol really well explained man

  • Pauly


     5 days ago

    2706 hours?


  • Dan L

    Dan L

     7 days ago

    There are plenty of ways to waste your life, video games, youtube and streaming outlets are currently the biggest for young people

  • ItsBucea


     7 days ago

    But what if u want to make a proffesion out of games and have a desire for games, is it still adiction?

  • dokanyon


     7 days ago

    I suffer from minor depression and I only have the will to play video games or eat. Everything else seems boring to me. Lately I don't even want to play video games.

  • Emily Murphy

    Emily Murphy

     7 days ago

    I just deleted the game I was most addicted to about a month ago. It's been a tough journey, but I am proud that I made it through a month. I hope that I can continue this for the rest of this year. Fingers crossed...

  • snakeinmybewts


     7 days ago

    Playing over 110 days of TF2 what skills do you come out with?
    What practical experience do you leave with after you've had enough?

    You spend so much time improving in-game yet when you leave you come out with nothing that battered you as a person.

    You havent learnt a new language.
    You haven't learnt new social skills.
    You haven't learnt how to become a better person.

    Then you wonder why you're all so miserable. Turn off the screen and go outside.

  • NoahHaveKnax َ

    NoahHaveKnax َ

     14 days ago

    how to earn money without a job

  • Chris Ellis

    Chris Ellis

     14 days ago

    My friends addicted to break fluid, although he says he can stop at any time.



     14 days ago

    U know wat Sally face is?

  • Peccywapper 09

    Peccywapper 09

     21 days ago

    How to waste your life: make a video about how to waste your life

  • R Z

    R Z

     21 days ago

    Videogames suck. Youtube sucks. But it's for losers so you all belong there

  • Jopis


     21 days ago +1

    I also quit gaming , but since then I just waste my time in yt. But gaming was more fun.