Tree Cutting Fails Compilation And Idiots With Chainsaw ! Dangerous skills Tree Falling

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 17, 2019
  • Woodart is a channel that show all Woodworks:
    - Giant Trees Felling Climbing Near Houses with Chainsaw STIHL! Dangerous Lumberjack Skills
    - Building Wooden Frame House From Scratch Time Lapse!
    - Sawmill Factory Processing in Japan, Germanm, USA ......
    - Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw and Axe
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  • Bob Cowin

    Bob Cowin

     6 minutes ago

    "Request denied" - God

  • Mike Sokolow

    Mike Sokolow

     17 minutes ago

    These are all old. Been doing trees for 30 yrs, glad I had a good teacher.

  • Mich Nygaard

    Mich Nygaard

     48 minutes ago

    the first one is on purpose!!

  • Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

     2 hours ago

    This is what happens when you are a tightwad and don't want to hire a professional. Grandpas hips, back and knees are done.

  • Tessy D.

    Tessy D.

     2 hours ago

    " Ignorancia con iniciativa " Alma letal. Jajajaaj

  • randy jimenez

    randy jimenez

     6 hours ago

    6:53 I feel sorry for this guy, You can tell he broke his leg with a compound fracture. och! 😖

  • Mike Williams

    Mike Williams

     8 hours ago

    Interesting that the car was perfectly positioned for the camera in the first clip - almost as if they deliberately wrecked an old car just for the video.

  • Tony Kourounblis

    Tony Kourounblis

     8 hours ago

    I’d use better ladders and tie off at the top



     10 hours ago


  • Fait Accompli

    Fait Accompli

     14 hours ago

    Wow that’s awesome skills, a perfect bullseye @0:53 🤩

  • fabtkt


     17 hours ago

    bûcherons a la con, ils sont pas capable d'avoir un minimum de logique ou d’intelligence. c'est triste ces niveaux intellectuels...(j'ai été bucheron) la plupart n'ont pas de pantalon anti coupure pour bucherons, pantalon fibré trés épais qui bloque la chaine en cas de taillade au niveau des jambes, si ca coupe du bois imaginez sur une cuisse tendre ... :)

  • Stuart The Bincleaner

    Stuart The Bincleaner

     18 hours ago

    car placed there on purpose !

  • Guter Mond du gehst so stille

    Guter Mond du gehst so stille

     19 hours ago

    every bet that the car was intentionally placed like this. I'm talking about the start of the contributions.
    makes audience ratings.
    the calls in the background don't change that either

  • mOejOe33


     21 hours ago

    That's what happens when you hire illegal aliens.

  • TDCRetiree2013


     22 hours ago

    Fucking dumbasses

  • kenneth lane shortt jr

    kenneth lane shortt jr

     23 hours ago

    Thanks for putting your links over the last scene @#$%^&

  • Jackus Plackus

    Jackus Plackus


    6.36 ok ok super pomogło.....

  • David gangte

    David gangte


    Immediate effects of deforestation....lolz

  • Vance McCarthy

    Vance McCarthy


    The second one. It was always going to fall in the direction of the lean.

  • Vance McCarthy

    Vance McCarthy


    The first one. The camera man knew. He wasn't going to tell him.