GTA Online

  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2013
  • Even though it looks pretty fun in this video, it isn't.
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  • nospmis remoH

    nospmis remoH

     3 days ago

    I miss Gta Online without Oppressors.

  • Charles Johnson

    Charles Johnson

     5 days ago

    This game is so old...

    i couldve sworn this came out 3 or 4 years ago.... it came out 7 years ago....

  • Tyler Mustard loooser

    Tyler Mustard loooser

     6 days ago

    Too bad online isn't even fun anymore because everyone just griefs

  • CpTKugelHagel


     7 days ago

    Damn compared to today thats chill af

  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

     7 days ago

    Back when no one had no money for nothing and it was just simple cause everyone was equal

  • Ace K.

    Ace K.

     14 days ago +2

    "This is the police, sit still so I can shoot ya in the face."

    This is sadly realistic

  • Leon XVI

    Leon XVI

     14 days ago +2

    Wtf 6 years ago..

  • Heno Heno

    Heno Heno

     21 days ago

    fing controller.

  • rogue gaming

    rogue gaming

     21 days ago +1

    When he killed the arm wrestling guy the guy said 1V1 me

  • bt


     21 days ago

    "Only pays the docta!!!"

    "When you get shot."

  • Mike from Wii sports

    Mike from Wii sports

     21 days ago

    Ah, no flying bikes

  • Phantomdude


     28 days ago

    3 years ago : miss when people weren't in armoured cars
    Now :

  • Eli Baker

    Eli Baker

     a months ago +1

    Gta online looks so innocent back then

  • trurocker03


     a months ago

    I would crack up if Stevie Wonder really demoed this game at E3

  • Lwazi


     a months ago +1

    If you're still on ps3 come help me with a heist this shit of people quiting is annoying

  • Bryan Martínez

    Bryan Martínez

     a months ago +2

    ahhh, how innocent & fun this game used to be

  • Julie Blackman

    Julie Blackman

     a months ago

    Starplatinum zawardo

  • Eenam Avenchy

    Eenam Avenchy

     a months ago

    I was expecting a bad review but now I feel like playing this game!
    I haven't played in like 5 years lol

  • Kaspars 420

    Kaspars 420

     a months ago

    Yt recomendation gang where ya at? Xd

  • Jaron Noskey

    Jaron Noskey

     a months ago +1

    I’ll never get over how smooth 2:25 is accident or not lol