Videos for Dogs to Watch - Starlings and Other Little Birds

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 9, 2016
  • Videos for Dogs to Watch - Starlings and Other Little Birds

    Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall

    Filmed in January 2016 at St Ives in Cornwall
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  • Doro


     a years ago +1

    Oh, I do love starlings. Thank you for this. Lovely.



     2 years ago

    this beautifull video of the cute birds is so so nice to Jill out out to and have a sleep to as well l like to share with you all sweethearts l have special needs and autism it sawnds like wen l who's on holiday it's lovely this video thankyou for your time doing a brilliant beautifull video for us all to Jill out to love from your new friend lorraine daniels videos youtube 2586 please have a look at my two videos l try my very best whit my videos l do different one's not even one going to like my two videos but evey one get people putting the thumbs dawn but it's to be expected 😙😘😚and sweethearts happy new year to you all l hope it's a brilliant one for you all my beautifull new friend's

  • sharon olsen

    sharon olsen

     2 years ago

    ok... i know it says it's for dogs, but I have a young grandson.. 2 and a half years old.. who is fascinated by birds... this is perfect for him... and anyone who just loves watching little birds.. thanks for this... Love the up close perspective.. great job!!! cheers! :D

  • pavlover1


     2 years ago

    My black kitty loves when black birds What is the sees mixture here?

  • maddie molotla

    maddie molotla

     2 years ago

    My dog just started licking the screen

  • Emma Beinfic

    Emma Beinfic

     3 years ago +2

    my cat hides behind my laptop screen,pops her head round to look at the screen then runs to my kitchen window to see the birds i feed,but she'll only do it when she recognizes the same birds.GREAT VIDEO'S PAUL X

  • Wee Ginger Tiger

    Wee Ginger Tiger

     3 years ago

    This was great!! My dog started hitting my phone 😂😂

  • BooterSpruce


     3 years ago

    What absolutely gorgeous birds!...and I love the seagull and surf sounds, I'm surprised they're not swooping down for a bite as well. Thanks again for the pleasure of your videos.

  • Carla Vela

    Carla Vela

     3 years ago


  • dana-zoe gest

    dana-zoe gest

     3 years ago

    +Paul Dinning do you also do still photography of birds? Any chance you could list the equipment you use in the description box? And can we find you on other SMPs?

  • dana-zoe gest

    dana-zoe gest

     3 years ago

    +Paul Dining to my surprise, i discovered that my city has these *spotted starlings in our town square. Growing up in the Blue Mountains, i only ever saw Starlings as another type of Blackbird, larger, with an irridescent sheen. Great to watch these birds up close. As always, Stand-out filming!

  • Daniel Stoia

    Daniel Stoia

     3 years ago

    Why is this one dogs????????????????????????????????????

  • KellieRae Brown

    KellieRae Brown

     3 years ago

    Wait now it says dog??....

  • Annemieke van Leeuwen

    Annemieke van Leeuwen

     3 years ago

    A lovely meeting place!

  • KennethKramm


     3 years ago +3

    My old cat loves this video....

  • laela1


     3 years ago +3

    I am surprised and pleased to see there are people who actually appreciate starlings. What bird was that which zipped across the screen at 5:48? 11:28?

  • kwee eng

    kwee eng

     3 years ago +4

    Nice to have the opportunity to observe the starlings pretty closely -- smart looking birds. They certainly enjoyed their food!
    Thank you for sharing, Paul -- KW

  • Quagmi


     3 years ago

    They're such colourful birds when the sun catches them, and have a large variety of calls. Greedy birds too! They finish my bird feed so quick!

  • Brian


     3 years ago +1

    Starlings are my fav bird so much character!

  • KellieRae Brown

    KellieRae Brown

     3 years ago +3

    Yay I'm first and
    My cat loves these videos she puts her Pual on the screen it's so cute plz do more videos for cats to whatch