Letterman to OReilly: Youre a goon

  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 1, 2009
  • David Letterman is having his own pundit war.

    I think of you as a goon, Letterman point-blank told OReilly on Tuesday nights show. Then, holding up the cover of OReillys book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, which has a photo of OReilly as a boy, Letterman quipped, I look at that and I see this sweet, adorable kid I have a sweet adorable kid and I wonder, What if he too becomes a goon?

    OReilly also revealed that former Vice President Dick Cheney refused to come on his program, adding that he doesnt like Cheney: We asked him a million times he wouldnt come on.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/WS1KYcrJSXQ


  • MJT 55

    MJT 55

     3 hours ago

    If you invite someone to be a guest on your show and then proceed to treat him like an asshole, that makes you the asshole.......

  • Matthew Hernando

    Matthew Hernando

     3 hours ago

    I'm not a big O'Reilly fan, and never was. But I find it interesting that in some circles "you're a goon" has become a hilarious bon mot. It's not. It's a kindergarten insult that requires no creativity or intelligence whatsoever.

  • Jebediah Clang

    Jebediah Clang

     5 hours ago

    Mr. Goon just can't take a joke. Such an unpleasant guy to watch

  • Seventies Memories

    Seventies Memories

     6 hours ago

    Goon is nervous when he comes out...he knows he's going to get owned.

  • Seventies Memories

    Seventies Memories

     6 hours ago

    Look at the way Dave looks down when he says goons name when he introduces him. He was way ahead if the game in exposing this clown.

  • Antione Berry

    Antione Berry

     6 hours ago

    miss oprah winfrey is a young attractive woman.

  • error code 1

    error code 1

     7 hours ago

    So oreilly on Chavez privatisation. His opinions different now thats what chump wants to do

  • M G

    M G

     7 hours ago

    Dave stick to banging interns and using your staff for sex...lying and cheating on your kids mother etc...WHAT A POS HE IS!

  • OwlNation Legal

    OwlNation Legal

     7 hours ago

    If ye shall find Dick Cavett interviewing the legendary Orson Welles, then ye shall see two great gentlemen; Pinnacles of our modern world. When asked what he would study if he returned to college Orson replied "Anthropology, for it as just begun." To which I replied "How times have changed, and great men deranged to suggest anthropology has only begun. In under a decade we shall be extinct, and thus anthropology is all but done."

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

     9 hours ago

    I guess letterman can interview guests however he wants, but calling him a goon and not substaniating why is a bit weak

  • Amrit Minhas

    Amrit Minhas

     18 hours ago

    And we are left with 2 Jimmy’s that stink

  • the_others


     22 hours ago

    10 years later and Letterman calling him a goon is even more accurate...You know it's really bad if even FNC can't risk keeping you on board

  • James Welbes

    James Welbes

     23 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this interview

  • Matt·Dylan



    Bill O'Whiney ❤️'s Rush Dimbot

  • Donald Bulloch

    Donald Bulloch

     yesterday +1

    Sez the guy who was sexually abusing his own staff. What a hypocrite. What a fraud. And by the end, so not funny.

  • Ruthless 12 street

    Ruthless 12 street


    O’reilly the type of rich white man that visits Thailand 3 times a year 🤮 disgusting & perverted

  • Peyton Meisner

    Peyton Meisner


    I love civil discourse. These guys are two very different characters and it makes for an interesting segment.

  • Big Electron

    Big Electron


    A goon and a bully. Perfecto

  • Cyka Blyat

    Cyka Blyat


    David Letterman is a piece of shit

  • RockRiver 6

    RockRiver 6


    David Letterman holding the moral High Ground? On one of his earliest shows he made fun of a blind woman in his audience. David Letterman is a piece of shit.