Gloria Lynne "Watermelon Man"



  • Laurence Smile in Provence

    Laurence Smile in Provence

     3 months ago

    i like this version !

  • Mauro Sergio

    Mauro Sergio

     7 months ago

    Perfect version!

  • xaenon


     10 months ago


  • jackie bessard

    jackie bessard

     a years ago +2

    Never knew Herbie penned this! SantaMaria came out first but I like this one best!!

  • oldsteamguy


     2 years ago


  • soulfella1


     3 years ago +1

    GLORIA in a uptempo mood,what about Her superb,soulful version of "I WISH YOU LOVE"??

  • Michele Turletto

    Michele Turletto

     4 years ago

    E' la prima volta che sento questo brano cantato. Una meraviglia!

  • clarence beckham

    clarence beckham

     5 years ago

    i still have this single from my moms collection..mine is blue and version of this song..and I've heard about 20 of them

  • MrRossHartman


     6 years ago +1

    Best audio of this song on YouTube! Nice label scan of the PROMO 45 too. Thanks!

  • Ramoncito el Bueno

    Ramoncito el Bueno

     6 years ago

    I cannot believe i was born in 1959, loving soul r&b jazz more than any other genre of music, and i still do not know anything about Gloria Lynne. Pardon my ignorance, but i am so happy to have found your video. What a sultry voice and what great appeal!

  • Ginger Bread

    Ginger Bread

     6 years ago +1

    Thank you for the great music, Ms. Lynne. RIP

  • Diane Murray

    Diane Murray

     6 years ago


  • Blake Gildaphish

    Blake Gildaphish

     6 years ago

    i don't mind either. it's just that the one song that skips is my favorite, and it messes up the lyric. just like my Stevie Wonder record, "Talking Book". it took years for me to find out what words he sang in those few seconds of "You Got It Bad Girl". but by knowing how rare "Here, There and Everywhere" is, I'm grateful to have it and i tolerate it's flaws.

  • Blake Gildaphish

    Blake Gildaphish

     6 years ago

    dude, i am on a mad search for songs from her 1968 album, "Here, There and Everywhere". i have the original vinyl copy, but i would love to hear it without the songs skipping.

  • Dm5741


     6 years ago

    Thx! This particular track is incredibly hard t/find 4 dwnloading purposes. Saw her perform it live once w/a "real jazz" band back in the 90s :)

  • James Spicer

    James Spicer

     6 years ago +1

    I didn't know she wrote the lyrics but I happily remember seeing her perform it at the Carter Barron in D.C....and I thought it was before '62 but I guess I heard it in '62 when brand new....Mongo Santamaria played too...the place rocked!!

  • CoverHeaven


     7 years ago +1

    Great version!

  • JazzysClassicJazz


     7 years ago +2

    Added to my Gloria Lynne playlist :)