Line Dance - Watermelon Crawl Country Line Dance Instruction

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2013
  • Learn how to line dance! The Watermelon Crawl is a classic line dance, the song is sung by Tracy Byrd. This popular line dance is a must learn. This video is an excerpt from Line Dance Lessons on DVD; the entire line dance DVD can be purchase at For more line dance instruction videos subscribe, or visit our channel.
    This YouTube line dance video will teach you all the line dance steps to Watermelon Crawl. Not only will you get to learn all the line dance steps, but you will also get to practice line dancing with the instructors.

    Line dancing is a great way to get out and have some fun and get some exercise. The complete line dance DVD has two 30 minutes segments of practice and exercise where you practice all 20 line dances back to back with music. So use this video to learn how to line dance, then get out and have some fun and meet new people. You will be tearing up the dance floor in no time!

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    Actual song is not used due to copyright issues.
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  • Laurel Rudd

    Laurel Rudd

     5 years ago +4

    I'm a fitness instructor, also Zumba and I've been teaching for 20 years +....  Just getting into the Line Dancing and love it - you are the best on Youtube in regard to teaching the dances --  HANDS DOWN...   Thanks !!!! Laurel in California.....

  • Terri Delaune

    Terri Delaune

     4 months ago

    Just ordered your dvd set from amazon, really looking forward to learning with you.

  • hats baker

    hats baker

     a years ago +1

    excellent instructions! Thank you!

  • Distant Logic Productions

    Distant Logic Productions

     2 years ago

    Hmm... watermelon crawl!?
    Sorry no dropin down to the knees.
    #Fake #Sad
    Just a slide dance. the lamest of all.

  • Tuffy Baxton

    Tuffy Baxton

     2 years ago

    i need help
    what is that dance where you drop down with your arm folded over your chest and you kick your legs out one after another?

  • Joanne Black

    Joanne Black

     2 years ago


  • Dorothy McHaney

    Dorothy McHaney

     3 years ago


  • Diane Herren

    Diane Herren

     3 years ago

    Honey pie

  • Harold Flores

    Harold Flores

     4 years ago +6

    i love dancing to this! like if you do too!

  • Kristina Shaw

    Kristina Shaw

     4 years ago +1

    Instead of the 2nd slide you can do kick ball change twice. That's how I learned it

  • D Wolf

    D Wolf

     5 years ago

    Where can I find this exact version the the karaoke version of the Watermelon Crawl. I downloaded one from iTunes from ProSource Karaoke Band but it is not the same. Thx

  • Rullen Spooner

    Rullen Spooner

     5 years ago

    Great line dancing

  • Rullen Spooner

    Rullen Spooner

     5 years ago

    Great line dancing

  • Rhicaela_Games


     5 years ago +2

    My class does this dance and we're showing the dance to the principle

  • Jan Wainright

    Jan Wainright

     6 years ago

    There is no such line dance as the crawl it is watermelon crawl and yes like every other dance in line dance you can find many songs that are compatible to the dance it still doesn't change the fact the choreographer named
    it watermelon crawl!

  • MightyMouse1222


     6 years ago

    It doesn't belong to any set song... the Line Dance here is called "The Crawl" it can be done to a lot of songs...

  • Miguel Guzman

    Miguel Guzman

     6 years ago +3

    I take it you are referring to the song that plays during the title sequence. That song is called Me and You by the City Cowboys. The guitarist is Doug Collins, he now plays for Billy Currington. You might have trouble finding the song because that band was never huge. They were more of a local group. A few college musicians that played for fun. I can get you a copy of the song though if you would like...

  • S B

    S B

     6 years ago

    what song is that in the video? I want to learn it on guitar and can't find it!