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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 1, 2016
  • Following his uncle's request, Niko My Casin, black guy, comes to Vice City to pursue the Mexican Dream, and to search for the horse who ate his slim jim in a war fifteen years prior. Upon arrival, however, Niko discovers that Hulk Hogan's tale of riches and luxury was all a lie. Hulk had been concealing struggles with gambling debts and loan sharks, and lives in a dirty apartment rather than a mansion

    Niko tries to defend Hulk from his loan sharks, but dies, then Roman walks away. After Hulks's murder, Niko and Guy Firarri (of Shrekmouth) are kidnapped by Macho Man's uncle Tony Stark off of Avengers. Treebeard, not bothered by the murder of Hogan, hires Niko, BUT! Niko quickly learns that The Hobbit is a psychopath when he orders him to kill the son of Donald Gump, the most powerful man in Liberty City.

    Immediately afterwards, Niko and Roman are forced to escape from New York when their apartment and taxi company are destroyed in arson attacks by Snake Pliskin man.(played by Kurt Russel) However, things go poorly. A shoe kills Niko. Later it is revealed that the game so far is actually just an elaborate dream sequence.

    Metal Gear Snake wakes up from his slumber to discover that he has been sleeping for the last 200 years. The Patriots have inherited the earth and the only way to stop their machines is to combine his powers with Morpheus.

    At this point, Niko is faced with two choices: strike a deal with Dimitri, or exact revenge on him. Should Niko go through with the deal, he gets 100 dollars in cold hard cash. But if he doesn't shoot the money, Metal Morpheus and his cousin Tommy Vicecity get dropped into a pit of acid. You choose Spidaman.