The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star & Plastic Age (Live 2004 - Prince's Trust)

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 13, 2013
  • An amazing part of show in 2004 at Prince's Trust Concert. Enjoy!
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  • Glen Beestone

    Glen Beestone

     7 days ago

    Isaac guillory played guitar on the original as a largely uncredited session musician

    He sadly died a few years before this concert. I wonder if he would have been involved if he'd still been around

  • MrMjp58


     14 days ago

    What a huge talent. Great, great singer and all round music force. Also, Drama was a masterpiece.

  • Karmen Schlesinger

    Karmen Schlesinger

     21 days ago

    Love the music from the 70's 80's ....

  • Tony Carpenter

    Tony Carpenter

     1 months ago

    BEST version EVER!!

  • Kwales66


     2 months ago


  • craig martin

    craig martin

     2 months ago

    I gotta ask. Who is Beautiful Blonde singing at 8:02. Love her voice.

  • 6000cs


     3 months ago

    Can someone tell me who the guy playing the red strat (guitar) is? Phil Palmer?

  • Chris Lemaster

    Chris Lemaster

     3 months ago

    This came out in 1979

  • th 12

    th 12

     3 months ago

    From 2019 damn that's a great song

  • James Kendall

    James Kendall

     3 months ago

    Abandoned studio. Blame it on vcr. Seems so long ago. Oh, oh oh oh oh!



     3 months ago

    backup singers: they still got it!
    For his age he is singing very well
    Trevor Horn is a legend.

  • Duck Man

    Duck Man

     4 months ago

    The Best Cheers

  • Tyler Richard Pinto

    Tyler Richard Pinto

     4 months ago

    When in dune whither music music lessons good song

  • Tyler Richard Pinto

    Tyler Richard Pinto

     4 months ago

    So I'm going to make my band like this

  • Tyler Richard Pinto

    Tyler Richard Pinto

     4 months ago

    I was just mad that's all saying all that sorry but this is a good song I'm American new Zealander my god this is a god song love it

  • Tyler Richard Pinto

    Tyler Richard Pinto

     4 months ago

    I can sing they told my my family remember that she was good and the even the school music teacher told them my sister was good so I dont believe anything you all say so I sound like thise on when I recorded my voice similar to it so I'm making my band like thise I'm taking music lessons

  • bellyofanarchitect


     4 months ago +1

    Absolut genius. Made 2 YES albums with their old Buggles stuff. Amazing!

  • Walt Gekko

    Walt Gekko

     4 months ago

    The way this went, I'm guessing they were the first act of the night.

  • Wes Osborne

    Wes Osborne

     4 months ago

    1st video broadcast on MTV

  • Edgar Rivas

    Edgar Rivas

     4 months ago

    Donde está Hans Zimmer???