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  • Published on:  Friday, December 16, 2016
  • Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin sets off on a worldwide journey of discovery to find out why animals of different species make friends with each other as well as why apex predators make friends with humans.

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  • Randy Gunn

    Randy Gunn

     24 minutes ago

    I think there trying to teach us humans what's the problem with loving one another!.PAPA GUNN MINNESOTA PAPA

  • Mr. Blue Dragon

    Mr. Blue Dragon

     5 hours ago

    damn that bear is better than me

  • Mike Davis

    Mike Davis

     5 hours ago

    "Lion's,Tigers&Bears..... OH MY!"

  • cj222100


     6 hours ago

    Aww I feel so bad for that lioness, I think she was very lonely. I hope she finds a lone lion & they form their own pride & she has cubs of her own!

  • Brad Jones

    Brad Jones

     9 hours ago

    I cant help but wonder if the thought of hunger ever came to any of these various professionals. I mean, they are comparing how playful these co-species are to one another, as opposed to them attacking one another in the wild. Hunger compels the Lion in the wild to attack the gazelle. The pain and neverending misery of an empty stomach makes one species attack the other. The ones in captivity dont have to kill for food. Its given to them. They are surrounded by love and safety. There isnt many, if any dangers or as in the case of the ones brought up from whn they were very young they know of nothing else, I bet their stress is at a minimum. They have the time to build friendships with one another. It's a leisurely life for them. I assure u tht if tht cowboy was hungry and he wasnt capable of visiting a grocery store or growing his own food, that Buffalo wouldnt stand a snowball's chance in hell. Lol Likewise with the polorbear or the even the dog and the deer. I'm sure tht the polorbear would eat that man as would the hyenas. If those animals were really in the wild I'm not convinced that they wouldnt consume their pals. I guess wht I'm trying to say is although its touching to see such relationships from two unlikely species bloom into what these animals have with one another in this video is, I just feel like if their little bellies were empty they wouldn't have given a relationship a chance. They would've dined on their friend as soon as their paths crossed. Just sayin. But what do I know.

  • Howard Musselman

    Howard Musselman

     16 hours ago


  • Gacha Rainbow unicorn

    Gacha Rainbow unicorn

     21 hours ago

    I mean 33:51

  • Gacha Rainbow unicorn

    Gacha Rainbow unicorn

     21 hours ago

    33:53 I saw the little ducklings little wingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Grace Lukens

    Grace Lukens

     23 hours ago

    And the Lion will lie down with the lamb. We will see all of this when the redemption comes.

  • Skivsamlaren



    Suckling on a cat – whats wrong with you, duck.

  • Chichi Udaku

    Chichi Udaku


    The Charles and the πŸ¦’ friendship is more facinating to me than all of the stories.

  • Edward Mahoney

    Edward Mahoney


    I had two pet ducks, male and female, that used to sleep with my German shepherd.

  • Layla



    The story about how they found the lion, tiger and bear in the basement is sooooo heartbreaking. Bless them! Animals have feelings too!!

  • championofancestor



    R.I.P Leo and Shere Khan

  • gumblebrum


     2 days ago +1

    Omg Hi Aly

  • Jonathan Reid

    Jonathan Reid

     3 days ago

    I wanna have her job 😫

  • Ezaarkash


     3 days ago

    OK OK OK>. I have had it with ignorant people - SHER means LION .not a fkg TIGER. OK!!? get it right already. YOU ARE NOT a fkg KID anymore - I am sure now you complaining what KHAN means - Go find that out for yourself. AND THE reason they get along is because they were raised as cubs together and most of them do not have the wild predator instincts - we should not be shocked or surprised - look at Trump, he was raised in a racist, criminal family - and now his children the same - THEy do not get shocked when they commit crimes, and neither should we be shocked...we should just accept and then put them in cages SOON ! VOTE

  • Faith Wright

    Faith Wright

     3 days ago

    cool animal bonds

  • Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

    Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

     3 days ago +1

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  • Marty Wheeler

    Marty Wheeler

     3 days ago

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