Best of Brake Check Gone Wrong (Insurance Scam) & Instant Karma 2019 |Road Rage, Crashes Compilation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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    ⚫ A compilation made with the best videos (brake checks and instant karma clips) uploaded on this channel in 2019. Hope you enjoy it:)

    ⚫ Links to the original videos:

    1. Live-Laugh-Love-Travel - --- Brake Check!!!
    2. Metalslug137 - --- Could this be Insurance Fraud? Road Rage Dash Cam
    3. Daves567 - --- Impatient driver brake checks a police car, instantly regrets it
    4. Bad Drivers of Chicago - --- Bad Drivers of Chicago #41
    5. Panhead Dude - --- Pay attn if Following Too Close - Watch for Brake Check
    6. ColoradoDashCam - --- Instant Karma: Driver run off Road by Front Loader
    7. Lightpaws Hird - --- Brake checking FAIL - Don't break check a truck
    8. - AwesomenessIskey --- J walking Pedestrian Instant Karma
    9. SanskritFritz - --- Dudál és lefullad a motorja - Beeps and stalls his engine
    10. Aaron Matthew - --- Baja Hwy 1
    11. Sanjay Beri - --- Instant Karma Near Oakville Hospital
    12. Eugene Tchornogalo - --- I played "check brake" Я сыграл в проверку тормозов
    13. TheHoodGuru - --- Instant Karma, Dude busted driving on the shoulder of 105 freeway in Hawthorne/Inglewood
    14. Bad Drivers of Baton Rouge - --- My truck's feelings were hurt.
    15. saabgt3 - --- Person almost causes huge accident, stops in the middle of the highway!
    16. k Kd - --- Road Rage "Brake Checking" Collision Aug 18th 2019 Markham
    17. Jason hewy - --- Instant driver karma
    18. BUSTER-MOBILE-ABQ - --- Instant Karma "Double-Yellow Jerk"
    19. Hamsterpower entertainment - ---- Road Rage Brake Check!
    20. Shabuti R18 - --- Brake Check & Wrecked
    21. Simion Agavriloaei - --- Poc - iesire pasaj Unirii spre tineretului
    22. Bad Drivers of Arizona - --- INSTANT KARMA: Car Blows Head Gasket on Freeway Cutting Off Traffic
    23. David Dang - --- Road rage - Brake check gone bad
    24. pete antonio - --- Attempted robbery? on I80 west New jersey anybody recognized this jeep?
    25. Disabled Gaming - --- CCTV / DURHAM,UK Guy Throws Brick At My Car - Brick bounces back and hits him in face Instant Karma
    26. A MAN HAS No NAME - --- Ottawa 417 Morning Spinout Crash
    27. Makoto Schoppert - --- Road Rage Instant Karma
    28. duncan osborne - --- 2 fools instant karma
    29. Emma G - --- DASHCAM - Morning Road Rage
    30. Carl B - --- LA I-20 Brake check causes motorcycle crash
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  • Dashcam Lessons

    Dashcam Lessons

     14 days ago +291

    Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @dashcamlessons
    Note that this is a compilation made with the videos i uploaded on this channel in 2019. So if you've been with me since the beginning of the year, you probably know all of these.
    The watermark still says "Viral Car Videos" because i didn't re-edit them, so the video took only 4-5 hours to make, compared to the usually 10+ hours of work.
    Happy New Year and drive safe!

  • Dallas


     9 minutes ago

    4th clip is me driving in GTA IV with a comet

  • Jeremy Tucker

    Jeremy Tucker

     11 minutes ago

    "No fault" This is how I deal with tailgaters.

  • Tonybassist123


     19 minutes ago

    How stupid are ppl when they have dashcams and purposely ramming their car?

  • Michael


     44 minutes ago

    That Chevy Driver at the end needs to get his or her ass beatn severely .

  • dabearcub


     52 minutes ago


  • Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!

     57 minutes ago

    Where I come from(philly)the furthest left lane is a passing lane but no one uses it as such. it's really just a lane you use if you're driving a bit faster than everyone else

  • Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!

     an hour ago

    It really should be taught when you go for your license what brake capabilities these big trucks have. Alot of dumb people dont realize that it takes a truck considerably longer to stop....

  • Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!

     an hour ago

    I brake check people when they're riding aggressively up my ass but I never brake hard enough for them to hit me just enough to send a message that I wont be bullied into changing lanes.

  • Je nsz

    Je nsz

     an hour ago

    At 10:02 that pussy in the Nissan really got theirs...😅. Something about seeing sons of bitches get what they deserve is funny. 😂 Almost every decent driver has encountered these self righteous types that will try to cut you off or get you to slow down to their pace. These are usually angry losers who know their life sucks so they make it their mission every day when they wake up to rub some of that shit they have to swallow on anyone they can. Passive agressive pussies. 🙃

  • A.R.I C.H.

    A.R.I C.H.

     an hour ago

    The first one is stupid. Typical cammer. You can clearly see that the Ford is merging, why wouldn’t you slow down to keep a save distance? That’s just thickheaded. Especially the unnecessary acceleration afterwards shows how childish he is...
    It’s wrong to break check someone, but think ahead and stop crying.

  • Weston


     2 hours ago


  • Paul Davis

    Paul Davis

     2 hours ago

    The definition of instant karma -> 11:30

  • F B I

    F B I

     2 hours ago +1

    Why are people that drive fords so entitled it like we get it you spent 12 grand on a sedan everyone else has

  • flight2k5


     2 hours ago

    Holy crap the very first video the cammer sped up.

  • Thegetargeek007 007

    Thegetargeek007 007

     2 hours ago

    0:56 Oof I even died Oof things happen when you pass a dam cop XD

  • 905fredy123


     3 hours ago

    go straight to 11:19

  • N J

    N J

     3 hours ago

    People who do things like that with big rigs are not only ignorant but also very very stupid and asking for big trouble.
    They have no clue what its like to drive or stop one of those things or they wouldn't never do it.
    If a trucker is acting crazy get out of the way and if it was very dangerous report it to the company, cops or DOT.

  • Lexi


     4 hours ago

    ..... I am living in N. California temporarily ..... that’s exactly how people drive here ..... Been driving for 20 years without accident until I moved here.

  • Edward III

    Edward III

     4 hours ago

    Most of the “ oh I was just minding my own business driving perfect “ people are doing stupid sh*t too. Speeding up, not letting merge, provoking, etc. I don’t understand why drivers speed up and attach themselves to these “problem drivers”. In most cases it seems like they’re both idiots.