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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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    Pranks and Scares Compilation, what are friends for?

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  • Nico Rose

    Nico Rose

     7 hours ago

    Every one of these people need slap therapy. These pranks are totally moronic !

  • Little Rascal

    Little Rascal

     22 hours ago

    Most of these people are not funny they are just aholes

  • Manic Mailman

    Manic Mailman

     yesterday +1

    9:18 I like the way that egg was brandished.

  • Markus Andrew

    Markus Andrew


    Dropping food and stuff on people from behind is boring. If you're gonna prank, put some imagination into it, like the dude pretending to shart in the store.

  • ubadzedanz yeah

    ubadzedanz yeah


    4:31 is it ryan dunn?

  • Misel Zivanovic

    Misel Zivanovic


    Wondering what this guy in green t-shirt was having on his mind?

  • Deja Morris

    Deja Morris

     2 days ago +5

    1:05 she's so cute and that accent😁💖🙂

  • Makumi Wainaina

    Makumi Wainaina

     2 days ago

    Ice cream guy is awesome. @7:57

  • FireFlareon27


     3 days ago

    On the last part how did they do that kind of magic?

  • Jackie Kellmen

    Jackie Kellmen

     3 days ago +1

    that isnt funny when u do that stuff to old pepole

  • Alexander Tsanga

    Alexander Tsanga

     3 days ago +1

    Where is the Baby !!! , sounds like good Mother..

  • David Crotty Nangle

    David Crotty Nangle

     3 days ago

    5:08 JAZZ HANDS

  • johnthegreek1980


     4 days ago +3

    The air horn was the best one!

  • Erick Langarica

    Erick Langarica

     6 days ago

    From funny video

  • I_Choose_Us


     7 days ago +4

    9:20 they should be picking up that dog 💩 instead

  • Cory Sartin

    Cory Sartin

     7 days ago

    That’s the problem with the generation z fucks the mother putting water down her daughters shorts and that one little brat kid crying

  • KJP Photography

    KJP Photography

     7 days ago +4

    The electrical cord looking like a snake was the best one!

  • Diablo 666

    Diablo 666

     7 days ago

    Anyone else see that serial killer behind the ice cream dude!! Morose looking fuck! Haha

  • mike Beasley

    mike Beasley

     7 days ago

    so the mom wanted to wet her daughters pants??🤨🤨 this kinda fuckin weird...

  • Usue8ee9snsosbsowheo Ididjdidjd9rnr8rj

    Usue8ee9snsosbsowheo Ididjdidjd9rnr8rj

     14 days ago