Is It a BAD IDEA to DEEP FRY Watermelon?

  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • In this video we're taking your comment requests and seeing what happens when we put different things in a deep fryer.

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  • umi balqis

    umi balqis

     an hour ago

    Can you deep fry gummy??

  • Segal central

    Segal central

     16 hours ago +2

    Deep fry nate’s jolly rancher foot!

    Like so they do it!

  • Catherine Passage

    Catherine Passage


    You should fry a squishy

  • Cloe Muller

    Cloe Muller


    Deep fry orbees!

  • Lucas Gaming

    Lucas Gaming


    What happanes if u fry wood

  • Elizabeth Sanders

    Elizabeth Sanders

     2 days ago

    Deep fry a comment.

  • Game Wzard

    Game Wzard

     2 days ago

    My only question is, why?

  • Blaise Robinson

    Blaise Robinson

     2 days ago

    deep fry a phone

  • Bianca Andrade

    Bianca Andrade

     2 days ago

    Can you keep fry a light bulb It seems like it will have the same effect of the battery but why nt try and also can you try deep frying cake

  • Muhammad Akid Agus Salim

    Muhammad Akid Agus Salim

     2 days ago

    Deep fried your deep dride

  • Adam Longhunters270

    Adam Longhunters270

     3 days ago

    Deep Fry UV Resin



     3 days ago

    What happen when you deep frie lova lap

  • Filipino YT

    Filipino YT

     3 days ago


    Nooo you cant do this to me

    At least not in 2019

  • azura ishak

    azura ishak

     4 days ago

    fry a chewing gum

  • Justin Allen

    Justin Allen

     4 days ago

    Deep fry your 🍆and🥜and your 🍑

  • Karsten Kunneman

    Karsten Kunneman

     4 days ago

    Deep fry a bullet

  • Mathugh's Youtube World

    Mathugh's Youtube World

     5 days ago

    Turn Phil swift into cotton candy.

  • Mathugh's Youtube World

    Mathugh's Youtube World

     5 days ago

    Weird af idea Deep fry cellary with ranch on it.

  • Mathugh's Youtube World

    Mathugh's Youtube World

     5 days ago

    Nah I do this on toca kitchen all the time they love it they eat the whole watermelon in one bite.

  • Mariam


     5 days ago

    Deep fry a camera?!