Watermelon Man Trailer



  • John Zero Summers

    John Zero Summers

     3 months ago

    Wow I can't believe I just got ๐ŸŒ• 'd or I mean ๐ŸŒš'd... I don't know if I want to watch it now.

  • Prince Valiant

    Prince Valiant

     3 months ago

    Van Peebles is one bitter negro and his movies prove that consistently.

  • Keith Francis

    Keith Francis

     3 months ago +2

    Iโ€™m amazed at how many narrow minded people there are...even now in 2019! Itโ€™s a film ...itโ€™s meant to be entertaining and enlightening itโ€™s not a documentary. Firstly people need to get over themselves the world has always been full of injustice, the world is full of broken promises and even more so now with the resurgence of right wing politics across the globe...lighten up its made to made people think and as someone who grew up in the 70โ€™s I appreciate any film that shone light onto this subject...I notice that people still donโ€™t stand up to make changes but yes itโ€™s an easy target to have a whinge...if you donโ€™t take the film cool turn it off...we live in a democracy where you can say what you want to who you want whenever you want...for better or worse!
    Peace ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿพ

  • Sonya Eleazer

    Sonya Eleazer

     3 months ago +4

    There's a few people I would love to see this happen to

  • floyd schott

    floyd schott

     3 months ago

    I had to sign in for this lame shit ? Fuck you Zombimedia

  • Leena Stark

    Leena Stark

     3 months ago

    Saw this film for the first time when I was 8 with my mom. At the end of it, she asked me what did this film teach you ?
    My response was : We become what we either HATE or LOVE the most .
    I still believe this to this day.

    Imagine for a second that there is such a thing as reincarnation - and in your next existence you end up coming back as what youve hated the most during this lifetime?
    But on the flipside - imagine coming back as what you love the most?
    See, HELL is exactly the same in this regard - it is a place where you go to spend eternity with what you either HATE or LOVE the most: YOURSELF
    When you hate - you are not hating another person, you are in essence hating something in that person which reflects YOU.
    It is the same thing as when we love someone; we love them because they exude certain aspects of our own nature/character.

  • Yeshet Gobena

    Yeshet Gobena

     6 months ago

    I sometimes get shocked in the morning when I look in the mirror and see I turned into a white woman.

  • Jim McCracken

    Jim McCracken

     8 months ago


  • Aragorn Stellar

    Aragorn Stellar

     10 months ago +1

    He didnโ€™t even look remotely white with the makeup.

  • Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx

     10 months ago

    This ain't a comedy, it's a Stephen King nightmare! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Directed by Melvin Van Peebles! Ya'll can't blame this one on Whitey! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • McDonogh Rahloh

    McDonogh Rahloh

     11 months ago +2

    Saw this when I was 8 yrs old.The main thing I remember was his neighbors paying him to leave and the closing scene with him walking cool with the credits rolling and music playing!

  • Meris Star

    Meris Star

     11 months ago

    Why dose Jesse Lee Peterson comes to mind when I see this clip?

  • Rita Ann Secrease

    Rita Ann Secrease

     11 months ago


  • Ebony_Love_R_007


     11 months ago +36

    This movie is old enough that it should be shown on You Tube for free now. C'mon You Tube!

  • Pure Dominance

    Pure Dominance

     11 months ago

    This movie scared the living hell out of me as a kid!

  • mom2huskies


     a years ago +7

    The makeup makes him look like Smokey Robinson.

  • michale cinquina

    michale cinquina

     a years ago +1

    You had to yous your imagination on the makeup

  • Jubal Calif

    Jubal Calif

     a years ago

    Heavens to Murgatroid ! I watched this last night on TCM. Had not seen it since I went to the drive in with my family as a teen when it was first released. Quite an odd little flick ! We were all already familiar with Godfrey Cambridge from his many TV stand up appearances & with Estelle Parsons from her Oscar winning role in 1967's "Bonnie and Clyde". THANKS so much for sharing this tantalizing trailer with us ! That's one groovy "blast from the past" indeed !! :-)

  • DeeNice681


     a years ago +2

    I watched the movie on TCM and really enjoyed it. Godfrey Cambridge and Estelle Parsons imo gave award worthy performances. But I had a problem with some of the commentary they gave after the movie. The man who's supposed to be a co-founder of the African American Film Association really pissed me off with his comments. (Spoiler Ahead)

    He implied that he felt "sorry" about him not turning back to white. That he cried for him for that. He basically had. "White Racists" view of the movie imo. IMO I was glad he stayed black, it was to show the white audience that being black is not a nightmare. The movie and ending made me smile. I feel the other co-host felt that way too!

  • Road King

    Road King

     a years ago

    It's coming on on TCM in 50 minutes, about to check it out for the first time! Better be good!