Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 8

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Today we continue our countdown of the top 100 easter eggs in video games. This video features Easter eggs from Battlefield 1, Just Cause 4, Doom and more. Enjoy.

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    Easter eggs in this video:
    Gears Of War Judgement Bucket Head Locust Easter Egg
    Halo 3 Secret Password Easter Egg
    Zombeer Minecraft Easter Egg
    Just Cause 4 Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Easter Egg
    Doom 2016 Happy Birthday Easter Egg
    Dying Light Super Mario Level Easter Egg
    Hitman 2016 Dancing Soliders Easter Egg
    Battlefield 1 Megalodon Easter Egg
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  • Captain Eggcellent

    Captain Eggcellent

     7 months ago +57

    Today we continue our countdown of the top 100 easter eggs in video games. This video features Easter eggs from Battlefield 1, Just Cause 4, Doom and more. Enjoy.
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    Much love x

  • namelesschnitzel


     3 days ago

    HE WASN´t AT THE MEETING EITHER! That one made me fall off my fucking couch laughing back when i heard it the first time. Halos easter eggs used to be great

  • vivvy wivvy

    vivvy wivvy

     3 months ago

    weird how kyle crane is voiced by the guy who also voices sonic, but they made a mario easter egg instead

  • Project Valkyrie

    Project Valkyrie

     3 months ago

    The Red Vs Blue Easter egg is probably my favorite.

  • Riley Gibson

    Riley Gibson

     4 months ago

    That dance one was awesome lmao

  • Conor Egan

    Conor Egan

     5 months ago

    Did any one realise that the halo 3 easter egg is voiced by roster teeth and is a reference to red vs blue

  • dbz is good

    dbz is good

     5 months ago

    If you jump off a building to a fountain and land next to It have a drink then die it's kinda funny

    Edit:dying light

  • IcyAustinYT


     6 months ago +1

    Through the series of Easter eggs, there are so many Minecraft dedications.

  • Bubbly Ramen

    Bubbly Ramen

     6 months ago

    Hey Cap! In the Gears: Judgement Buckethead easter egg, if you shoot the bucket on the dead Locust's head enough times, a trollface will appear!

  • J- Dog

    J- Dog

     6 months ago

    Here are my personal top ten easter eggs of all time

    10: falling whale (battlefield v)
    9: kraken (hitman 2016)
    8: doge mode (just cause 3)
    7: arcade board (black ops 2)
    6: minecraft cave (borderlands 2)
    5: korek machete (dying light)
    4: rocket league cars (goat sim payday dlc
    3: ship explosion (battlefield 4)
    2: zombie shark (pvz garden warfare)
    1: megaladon (battlefield 4)

    Honorable mentions

    Dancing zombie (dying light)
    Infinity gauntlet (god of war)
    Godzilla (borderlands presequel)
    Secret buttons (ghost recon wildlands)
    Farting unicorn (red faction armageddon)
    Chomped slender man (pvz garden warfare)
    And finally;

    Angry birds (trials fusion)

  • Theboss


     6 months ago

    I love how beard says ugh wasted eggs

  • Choowie Goowie

    Choowie Goowie

     6 months ago

    At 4:20 is that a dildo

  • Zach Boland

    Zach Boland

     6 months ago

    I like the 3rd Halo one the guy behind the door sounds like caboose

  • Hammer Joe

    Hammer Joe

     6 months ago

    I think the people who watch red vs blue would know those voices would know the Easter egg for halo 3

  • TheNoobyGriefer


     6 months ago

    In the game mordhau you can find carrots that you can fight with on the map crossroads, just a coll little easter egg i thought you should show

  • Keyin Roughfoot

    Keyin Roughfoot

     7 months ago

    Hey that's caboose on legendary hahahaha I love going to that spot and hearing his voice

  • MrG0269


     7 months ago

    8:23 the soldiers or so shaped something on the mini map

  • Jonah Cameron

    Jonah Cameron

     7 months ago

    Caboose was the funniest

    Rooster teeth is awesome

  • Harley 1o1

    Harley 1o1

     7 months ago

    8:15 you forgot to add the bluepriny which gives you a tanuki suit. (ik tanuki is spelled wrong)

  • Furia_Roja


     7 months ago

    I found the “password” Easter egg too :3