Wood chipper & Log splitter - BUILD

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • Wood chipper mechanism build - https://www.findclips.net/video/3WiShUSggas/video.html
    3 Phase Helical Gear Motor Restoration - https://www.findclips.net/video/sbm-vp_DqDk/video.html
    You may remember that I've done similar machines before. The first was very dangerous and the second one I sold.
    I decided to do the third version because I have a lot of branches that take up a lot of space. After that, winter is coming and I will have to take care of firewood why a wood splitter will certainly be helpful.

    Machine is driven by 3kW / 4Hp 3 Phase electric helical gear motor which reduce the rotation of the mechanism to 200 rpm.

    The weight of this construction is about 150 - 200 kg.

    Some tools I use in my constructions:

    Self made:
    Belt grinder 2x48 - https://www.findclips.net/video/2rB59KaMjaQ/video.html
    Vise - https://www.findclips.net/video/7BANZRdqFvU/video.html
    Drill press STAND with COOLANT SYSTEM -
    KEYWAY on the LATHE - https://www.findclips.net/video/CIU5tcuduCM/video.html

    Welder IDEAL Tecnomig 200GD
    Plasma cutter SHERMAN CUTTER 50
    LATHE Cormak 330x770
    Band saw Stiler BS 712R
    Drill press ZX7016
    Chop saw Evolution RAGE 3
    Mag drill Evolution Evo Mag 28


    Videos that you may like:
    https://www.findclips.net/video/Mjlwc4x3GKE/video.html - Electric Aluminum Foundry DIY
    https://www.findclips.net/video/KBb81_QNVlI/video.html - Chain Saw HACK 8 - 3HP Brushcutter
    https://www.findclips.net/video/Mjlwc4x3GKE/video.html - Making Electric Aluminum Foundry DIY
    https://www.findclips.net/video/wWnsF8tsgrE/video.html - Making electric Roller Bender Part 1/3


    Social media:
    FB: Made in Poland
    Insta: made_inpoland

    Music by YouTube library :
    Amazer Lazer
    Dark Zephyr
    Mission to Mars
    T Rexed
    Where The Trap Is
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cuMJ6c5r7UQ


  • Made in Poland

    Made in Poland

     2 months ago +185

    If you like RESTORATIONS, you have to check this out:
    3 Phase Helical Gear Motor Restoration - https://youtu.be/sbm-vp_DqDk
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    Gdyby coś takiego było na rynku odrazu bym kupił

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  • Matt Seymour

    Matt Seymour

     23 hours ago

    Nice chipper! Looks a robust thing! Glad you put a guard on it as they are dangerous things

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    Наталья Пилец


    стоп стоп стоп......видос я понимаю про то, как мужик при толпе инструментов, смог изготовить по сути только столешницу для механизма, а всё остальное было куплено?)))

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    Hi, what brand and reference of welding machine do you use please ?
    What setting to avoid that the weld holes the metal instead of soldering?
    Thanks Mate.

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    Bardzo dobra robota 👍
    Masz fach w reku💪

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    Vladimir Zinenco


    Я не знаю где это!? Но мне понравилось!!! С таким оборудованием, можно из гавна конфетку слепить!

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    Слов нет 👍😀

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    Burnt ur wall

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    That look like some big tool brand have been done that. Good job

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    у нас его будут толкать за пару тысяч вечнозеленых. :)

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    Title:: only watch if you have a workshop full of top end gear, also you will need a massive wallet 🤪

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    Świetna robota 👌

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    podasz wymiary całego "stolika" pod rębak??

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    it's the Professional job 👍👍👍👍👍👍