Know Your Meme Ft. VideoGameDunkey

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • rex makes stuff

    rex makes stuff


    Seth Rogan

  • Rashida Collins

    Rashida Collins

     2 days ago +1

    Yo the CGI on Dunkey is amazing! He looks like he’s actually white!

  • SOnblok


     2 days ago

    bruh i always thought dunky was black

  • laiden25


     5 days ago

    I'd die if he said that he wants spaghetti and meatballs on his taco XD

  • Alex Hills

    Alex Hills

     5 days ago +1

    didnt introduce leahbee tsk tsk

  • Diogo V. Kersting

    Diogo V. Kersting

     5 days ago

    Dunkey clearly looks puerto-rican

  • TheGreatest Quest

    TheGreatest Quest

     6 days ago

    Dunkey is black and Puerto Rican mix.

  • Baka


     6 days ago

    Actually he’s a 90 year old black grandma

  • The Woubulbus

    The Woubulbus

     6 days ago

    this is fake the real videogamedunkey is black

  • Ace 39

    Ace 39

     7 days ago

    why did they edit dunkeys face with white?

  • NRTHE2 Videos

    NRTHE2 Videos

     7 days ago

    I just close my eyes and see something dunkey would edit.

  • valimaa100


     7 days ago

    Guys this is only Dunkeys little brother.

  • Pheminon


     7 days ago

    Can't believe they put Dunkey in Whiteface

  • poo tytang

    poo tytang

     7 days ago

    dunkey you like some shitty tacos fuck off with the ground beef you idiot

  • William Tenney

    William Tenney

     7 days ago +1

    Jesus, I knew dunkey was black, but this... Hes just so damn black



     7 days ago

    Knack is back baby

  • Quentin Ford

    Quentin Ford

     7 days ago

    I thought he was black😂
    Imnot that racist I swear

  • Whatever I'm Doing

    Whatever I'm Doing

     7 days ago

    Knack 2 baby

  • Old/New Gamer

    Old/New Gamer

     7 days ago

    There are no bad controls, just bad players

  • Trevor manzo

    Trevor manzo

     7 days ago

    He literally does not sound like a black guy to me?!?