Jon Bones Jones Whoops Everyone Because Fight IQ

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 10, 2017
  • Most beasts thrash trying to escape the cage, but sometimes you encounter one so twisted it fiends trying to find its way in. Due to his troubled past and reckless behavior Jon "Bones' Jones has been kept away from the cage he longs for, but it's only a matter of time until the beast is back where he belongs.

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    script: he first thing we can notice when we look at jon jones is that he's very lanky and tall, but at a closer glance it's obvious, his greatest skill is his mind which he believes firmly aswell. His techniques don't deliver Knockout force, nor are they perfect. Instead his entire style and the techniques he uses change and adapt based upon his opponent, with one thing remaining consitent to his approach, An approach that heavily emphasizes an element of suprise whilst smashing you with bonier portions of his body, hence his nick name "Bones". "Side note, he also aknowledges this title because he aknowledges he's skinny".

    He looks at patterns of behaviour you've refined as techniques, figures out why you use that technique and tries to use it against you through his unique anatomy, Not trying to instantly KO you but instead methodically breaking you down until nothing is left.

    Lets look at a few examples of this.

    Film Study

    Alexander Gustafsson iss taking a spinning elbow. He waits for the jab, and the moment jon sees it coming, lowers his stance, blocks it with his shoulder, whilst using his right hand to protect his chin, but also, from that lowered position, generates momentum for his spinning elbow, devastating Alexander, to which he follows up with a clench knee. Just notice an element of unrefinedness to the way Jon Strikes. Jones clearly is not a fighter who masters obliterating with a signature move like Conor McGregor's Counter punch, and this ironically communicates his greatest strength. That he doesn't have one really strong move, and instead has an arsenal adapted specifically to you, exploiting your signature moves.

    Here's another example of Jon exploiting behvaiour.
    Look at the way Rashad guards by holding his hands out and looking at the chest area hoping to mitigate any traditional punches or strikes coming in. Jon sees this and uses his unique anatomy to exploit this. Look at the way Jons left hand traps Rashads right hand, nullifying his capacity to raise his hand and guard against the strike, with also the element of suprise the the unorthodox nature being a huge factor. Genius. He basically does it against rashads guarding hand here aswell.